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Ivanka Trump Wants To Help Syrian Refugees

Issues  29 April '17

Ivanka Trump Disagrees With Dad Donald On Not Taking In Syrian Refugees In America

Ivanka Trump seems more open to accepting Syrian refugees in America than her father President Donald Trump.

7-Year-Old Syrian Refugee Appeals To Stop War: 'World Doesn't Do Anything'

Children  7 April '17

7-Year-Old Syrian Refugee Appeals To Stop War: 'World Doesn't Do Anything'

A Syrian girl rescued from war-torn Aleppo asked for world's help in stopping war that killed thousands of her countrymen.

Greek Island Of Lesbos Continues To Receive Migrants Fleeing Their Countries

School Age  27 January '17

Syrian 7-Year-Old Girl Bana Alabed Reaches Out To President Trump: 'Do Something For The Children'

The young girl who tweets about the war from inside Aleppo is now living safely in Turkey.

Bombings in Aleppo, Syria Affects Families

Health  30 November '16

Bana Alabed Tweets Aleppo Bombings

War is not only affecting families but more importantly children. Children affected by the war in Aleppo, Syria are appealing for help.

Turkish Border Remains Closed To Syrians Seeking Refuge From Escalating Violence

Family Life  23 August '16

A Cry For Help: How Syrian Children Become The Epitome Of The Horrific Tragedies Of Syria’s Ongoing Civil War

Five years into the Syrian civil war, peace remains beyond the bounds of possibility. But in a nation torn apart by war and violence, the children are the most striking casualties trapped in the heartbreaking and chaotic humanitarian crisis.

Syrian Refugees Seek Shelter In Turkish Camps

School  8 April '16

Syrian Children Facing Hardships In US Public Schools Due To Culture Clash

Despite the help and support provided by the community of Elizabeth, New Jersey, Syrian refugees are still facing some difficulties especially when it comes to sending their children to school.

AFI FEST 2015 Presented By Audi Opening Night Gala Premiere Of Universal Pictures' 'By The Sea' - Arrivals

null  16 March '16

Angelina Jolie Asks International Community to Get to the Bottom of Global Refugee Crisis

Angelina Jolie laments the fact that not much has changed in Syria since 2011. She is calling on world leaders to get to the root of the conflict as soon as possible.

Crisis Develops As Greece Struggles With Migrant Numbers After Border Closures

News  16 March '16

Syrian Kids Taken Away From Families, Have No Choice But to Enter Refugee Camps Alone

War Child UK chief Rob Williams encourages nations to continue raising funds for young Syrian refugees who are separated from their families and forced to seek shelter in refugee camps alone.


News  31 January '16

Syrian Conflict Update: 37 Refugees Dead Including 10 Children On Capsized Refugee Boat

The Syrian conflict rages on as more refugees die trying to flee from the war-torn country.

Congressional Leaders Meet With Nobel Winner Malala Yousafzai

Family Life  13 July '15

Noble Peace Prize Winner Malala Yousafzai Turns 18: 'Voice of Children' Opens School

Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Malala Yousafzai, celebrated her 18th birthday on July 12. However, instead of receiving gifts, the young activist from Pakistan decided to open a school at Bekaa Valley in Lebanon. It is her gift to the less fortunate children of Syrian refugees, NBC News reported.

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