Why Some People Microdose On LSD For Breakfast

By Abbie Kraft, Parent Herald April 10, 11:45 pm

Various drugs are said to impact a person's mental health. Even though there are some that can lead to dangerous hazards, there are recreational drugs that reportedly helps the users.

A community in the U.K. is said to be taking LSD or psychedelic drugs in small doses as part of their morning routine. Despite the lack of scientific research, the users explain how it positively impacts their mental health.

A small group of people in the United Kingdom are micro-dosing on LSD on a daily basis. During an interview with BBC, Simpa from Durham talks about taking the psychedelic drug for breakfast every morning before going to work.

Simpa explained that micro-dosing can increase productivity at work. He then added that consuming the entire LSD tab can lead to a trip that can affect productivity. But taking it in smaller doses can lead a positive mental health and boosts their work performance.

"I take it with a cup of tea, my toast and my vitamins," Simpa stated during an interview with BBC.

Micro-dosing is not yet scientifically proven to be effective, thus health care professionals warn the general public to stay away from Class A drugs including MDMA and Ketamine. Aside from LSD, a group of people in another area within the U.K. is consuming small doses of MDMA, which reportedly helps them stay calm and center.

Healthcare professionals argued on the effectivity of micro-dosing. The American Addiction Centers released a precaution where it was cited that taking LSD and MDMA can be highly addictive, thus it should be avoided. The National Institute on Drug Abuse also added that LSD is one of the most powerful psychedelic drugs that can lead to abuse and addiction.

"I struggled with depression and anxiety as a result of childhood trauma, that led to borderline personality disorder and PTSD." Simpa stated when he was asked about micro-dosing. "I've found that these substances, psychedelics, give me the benefits without any of those drawbacks. Me using these substances means I've been able to view my trauma so that it's just an experience, a memory like any other."

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