Toddler Asks For A Poop-Themed Birthday Party And Her Parents Give Her One

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald April 12, 04:00 am

Missouri mom Rebecca's toddler made an unusual request for her third birthday. Audrey said she wanted a poop-themed party and her parents gave her one.

At first, Rebecca tried to change her toddler's mind about the poop theme. She offered other ideas but her 3-year-old wouldn't have it.

"She always insisted on poop," Rebecca told Huffington Post. "Every time we mentioned her party, Audrey requested 'poop balloons and a poop cake,'" the mom said.

Audrey celebrated turning 3-years-old in October 2016. Just as her parents promised, there was indeed poop everywhere at the party and the photos have gone viral this week.

Rebecca prepared cakes and snacks with poop swirl designs for Audrey's guests, while games and party favors were also poop-inspired. Audrey and her family even wore poop costumes and despite how gross everything might sound, the party turned out to be a tasteful children's birthday celebration.

Guests loved Audrey's poop-themed birthday, including her grandparents. "The way everyone embraced it just reconfirmed how lucky we are to have such awesome people around us," Rebecca said, as per Cafe Mom.

What was more important, however, was Audrey's reaction when she saw how the party was set up as her guests arrived. "To see how happy she was, was totally worth whatever embarrassment I felt wearing a poop costume," Rebecca said.

The mother also realized something about planning a children's party. She said most adults focus on trying to impress other adults with their picture-perfect themes, especially when everything can be documented on social media.

"This party wasn't for me, it was for Audrey," Rebecca realized. She also loved the fact that the poop-themed party represented her daughter's fun personality.

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