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Mario Lopez Unveils Dove Silky Smooth Mint & Dark Chocolate Swirl

Health/Nutrition  14 April '16

Dark Chocolate Does Wonders For Your Health In Ways You’d Never Imagine

Dark chocolate isn't just for romantic purposes anymore. Researchers found that the sugary cocoa contains ingredients that can improve sleep quality and prevent the risk for cancers and heart attacks.

Dr Michael Shermer Promotes His Book 'The Moral Arc. How Science Leads Humanity Toward Truth, Justice, and Freedom'

Parenting  14 April '16

Fundamentalist Parents Turn Down Daughter’s Life-Saving Surgery Due To Deep Religious Beliefs

A family's religious tradition has prevented their daughter from having a life-saving heart surgery. The issue has sparked debate in Idaho whether or not to repeal the state's child fatality laws.

San Francisco Board Of Supervisors Voted To Ban Sale Of Bottled Water On Public Property

Health/Nutrition  12 April '16

Is Premium Bottled Water Any Good? Here’s What Nutritionists Say

US nutritionists shed some light on the quality and allure of premium bottled water. They contend that it doesn't make much of a difference if people don't pair it with a healthy diet.

Birmingham Women's Hospital Offers Technological Advances In Its Care

Pregnancy  12 April '16

US Hospitals Gearing Towards Family-Centered Maternity Care

Christus St. Frances Cabrini Hospital in Louisiana is spearheading the nationwide trend of family-centered maternity care. In the new model, mothers have more time to bond with their newborns shortly after childbirth.

The 2012 ESPY Awards - Show

Sports  11 April '16

Louisiana Tech’s Ashley Santos Not Impregnated By Ex-Coach Tyler Summitt, Shares Photo To Silence Gossip

Ashley Santos took to social media to share a photo of her midriff in an attempt to crush rumors claiming she was impregnated by her ex-coach.

Hearing Impaired Foundation of Afghanistan School

Allergies  11 April '16

Special Needs Teacher Proposes Reality TV Programs To Make Education Mainstream

Malaysian educator Eileen Soon wants to star in a reality TV show showcasing teachers dealing with different learning challenges. Soon said such a program would make education a mainstream issue.

Archbishop Of Canterbury Delivers His Christmas Sermon

Dads  11 April '16

Archbishop of Canterbury Beyond Surprised To Know Father’s Real Identity

Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, has found out that he wasn't the son of a whiskey salesman after all. DNA tests revealed that the 60-year-old clergyman was actually the lovechild of the late Sir Anthony Montague Browne.

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