Viral video: Dad shows difference in phone hand gestures of generations

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Undoubtedly, there are a lot of things that changed over time. From the way we wash our clothes to the way we send a message, things have changed.

According to a TikTok user Daniel Alvarado, it is not just the technology that has most certainly evolved, because even signals have evolved. He showed this in a short viral video.

In a little experiment that he did at home, he was able to notice that the way his wife and his children signal that they are on the phone are different.

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The hand gesture

According to Alvarado, people who were born in the 70s, 80s, and the 90s use the hand gesture pinky and thumb extended with middle fingers curled in to say that they are on the phone.

On the other hand, Alvarado shared that those born in the 2000s only hold their hand flat against their head.

Yes, the pinky and thumb extension are out.

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Viral video: The small experiment

In the viral video that Alvarado uploaded online, he said that those who were born in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, will suddenly feel old.

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Alvarado wanted to prove his point through the members of their household. So he went to his wife and his kids to ask them to do something for him.

First, Alvarado went to his wife and asked her, "Pretend you are on the phone, what would be your hand gesture?"

Alvarado's wife showed the pinky and thumb extension as the hand signal that she uses.

Then Alvarado went to his children. First, he asked his daughter the same thing the dad asked his wife.

Alvarado's daughter looked up to her father and held her hand flat against her head.

Next was Alvarado's older son. When asked the same thing, the son looked a little confused but answered with his flat hand that was held against his head.

At the end of the viral video, Alvarado found his discovery mind-blowing. He even urged followers to try his little experiment as well.

According to news website Independent, the hands-flat gesture could be associated with talking on an iPhone or Android, which are all flat.

The viral video already has 2.1 million views, after one week of being posted.

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Netizens tried it out

There is a mix of comments on TikTok viral video regarding the hand gesture. Some tried it out and were also surprised that the kids use the flat-hands phone gesture.

Also, some of those who were born in the early 2000s commented that they still use the pinky-thumb extensions for phone gesture.

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