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Pregnant Woman

Infant  7 March '16

Up To 10,000 Miscarriages & Infant Deaths in the UK Were Caused By Thalidomide

Scandal from 1960s estimates to have resulted in 10,000 miscarriages

Baby Sleeping

Parenting  7 March '16

Bad News, Parents: Listening To Mozart Won't Make Kids Smarter, Says Research

The belief that classical music makes kids smarter is a myth. Turns out, reading has better advantages.

Statewide Drought Takes Toll On California's Honey-Producing Bee Population

Food  7 March '16

Marijuana News & Updates: Frenchman Creates Honey From Cannabis

A man from France figured out how to infuse cannabis in honey with the help of some buzzing bees.

Connecting Children to Nature

Family Life  4 March '16

Earth Day 2016: How To Teach Your Kids To Appreciate Nature

Here are fun ways to teach your kids about the wonders of earth, nature, and the cosmos.

MPAA In Washington DC Hosts Screening Of The Weinstein Company's 'Bully' With Panel Discussion

News  3 March '16

11-Year-Old Boy Attacked In School Bus: Are Parents Failing Their Children?

Bullying is becoming a bigger problem. Are parents raising bullies?

Fast-Food Chicken Restaurant Chick-Fil-A Opens First Store In Manhattan

Family Life  3 March '16

Meal Time, Family Time: Chick Fil-A Rewards Families Who Put Away Phones While Eating

Chick-fil-a wants families to bond, so they created this challenge, and winners get a prize.

88th Annual Academy Awards - Backstage

Parenting  2 March '16

What You Could Teach Your Teens About Rape Culture And Consent

The thick line between sex and rape: Sex needs consent, so if it's not a yes, it's a no.

Crying Child

Health/Nutrition  2 March '16

Anxiety In Children Is A Real Issue; Here Are Signs To Look Out For

In this stressful world, even children can experience anxiety, and this issue is not something to dismiss.

baby products

Pregnancy  2 March '16

Baby Products You Should Totally Put On Your Registry

Baby products to add to your shower registry, especially if you still haven't got them into your home.

Lifestyle During Pregnancy

Parenting  1 March '16

The Advantages Of Being A Working Mom; Know WhyYou Shouldn't Be Guilty Of Working Than Being A Full-Time Mom

Stop feeling guilty for being a working mom, there are advantages to having a career, too.


Parenting  1 March '16

Raising Kids Would Be Easier If You Use These Few Words

There are words to say to your kids that can stay with them for the rest of their lives. Here are some of them.

Angry Little Angel

Parenting  29 February '16

What To Do When Your Child Starts Swearing

Words hold power, so when do you tell your kids their words are not right?

Child Sleeping

Parenting  29 February '16

How To Prepare Yourself And Your Child For Her First Night Away From Home

Sleepovers can be difficult for children and parents alike, but there is something you can do to make it easier.


Toddler  29 February '16

Nightmares Among Children: What To Do When 'The Boogeyman' Is Under Your Toddler's Bed

Nightmares can be difficult to handle. Here are tips to help your child go back to sleep after waking up in terror.

German toddlers of the 'Frogs' group

Parenting  29 February '16

Are You Raising The Big Bully On the Playground?

Stop bullying: teach kids to value kindness as a virtue.

Social Media Life

Parenting  29 February '16

Social Media Safety: Posts About Their Kids Parents Should Avoid

Keep your keeps safe by keeping them (mostly) off on social media. Sounds confusing? Read on.

Crayola Crayons

Toddler  29 February '16

Teach Your Kids Chemistry At A Young Age ­ — With Crayons!

An Etsy store sells crayon labels that teach children chemistry.

Fitbit Fitness Tracker

Pregnancy  29 February '16

Can FitBit Detect Whether Or Not You Are Pregnant?

Couple discovers they are pregnant through "faulty" FitBit readings.


Parenting  28 February '16

Middle Schoolers With Condoms? Schools Allowed To Distribute Without Parents' Consent

Parents horrified of San Francisco school board's decision to distribute condoms to middle school children.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Turkey Treats

Food  28 February '16

Yummy Food For Your Child's Playdate

Healthy and yummy snacks on playdates will make you the winner in the eyes of the kids and adults alike.


Parenting  24 February '16

Give Your Child Responsibilities: Here Are The Best Pets For Kids

Giving your child a pet may help him become more responsible.

Melinda Gates

Parenting  24 February '16

Parenting Is A Real Job, No Matter What Careerpersons Say

Melinda Gates addresses gender gap in the household: it holds back economies.

Hong Kong Schools Reopen After Flu Outbreak

Health/Nutrition  24 February '16

Flu Season: Everything You Need To Know And Do To Protect Family's Health

Here is a list of what parents need to get ready for the flu season

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