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Ethan Roser

Children  24 April '17

Wheaton College Student Dies After Hammer Throw Accident At Track Meet

A Wheaton freshman student died after he was accidentally struck by a hammer at a track meet.

Country Thunder USA In Florence, Arizona - Day 3

News  7 February '17

Jamie Lynn Spears' Daughter Hospitalized After ATV Accident; Britney Spears, Father Ask For Prayer

Maddie, 8, remains in stable but critical condition at a New Orleans hospital.

Forest Park accident

Teens/Young Adults  28 December '16

Two Teenagers Struck After Trying To Cross Forest Park; One Teen In Critical Condition

Two teenagers were struck by a vehicle while they were trying to cross Forest Park.

Snow Hits Northeast

School Age  21 December '16

Sledding Leads 6-Year-Old Boy In A Coma

A 6-year-old boy is currently into a coma due to sledding.

Tensions High In Milwaukee Night After Police Shooting Of Armed Suspect Sparks Violence In City

Toddler  4 December '16

Toddler Dies After Being Hit And Run; Suspect Held In Jail For Only 3 Days

A 2-year-old boy was hit and run, and his parents prepare for his funeral.

7-Year-Old Boy No Longer Needs To Wear Helmet Thanks To 3D Skull Implant

Health  29 November '16

This Boy Almost Lost Half Of His Skull But Now Has A New One Through 3D Printing

Who knew that a 3D printer could change this boy's life forever? Learn the story here.

Mass Shooting In San Bernardino Leaves At Least 14 Dead

Health/Nutrition  26 November '16

School Saftey: Recent School Bus Accident Worries Parents

Parents are mourning the deaths of at least five children when their school bus smashed into a tree and split apart.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Family Life  22 November '16

The Multiple Tragedies And The Father And Son's Death

On the 12th of November 2016, after suffering for many tragedies, another tragedy happened to the Byers' family when Todd Byers and Brayden Byers fell to their death off of a cliff near the Shaver Lake while they were searching for treasures. Now, the family needs more help they can ever get.


Toddler  17 November '16

Family Dog Is A Hero! Barks And Saves Five-Year-Old Irish Boy With Down Syndrome Out Of Tumble Dryer

A family dog in Ireland rescued a five-year-old boy with Down Syndrome after the child got inside the tumble dryer.

Toyota Recalls More Than 2 Million Vehicles In US

Teens/Young Adults  14 November '16

Tragic Death: Teen From New York Accidentally Kills Grandma Before Going To Church

Accidents happen. This one is just tragic.

Denver Broncos Defensive Coordinator Phillips Knocked Down Hard During Game Collision With Running Back Gordon

Dads  31 October '16

Denver Broncos Defensive Coordinator Phillips Knocked Down Hard During Game Collision With Running Back Gordon

During the Denver Broncos game, the Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips was accidentally knocked down hard during the game. The medical team quickly attended to the unlucky Phillips. They urgently strapped him to a hard board and positioned his head in a neck brace.

Michael Schumacher Latest Health Update: Is the Legendary Formula 1 Driver Going Broke?

Dads  26 October '16

Michael Schumacher Latest Health Update: Is the Legendary Formula 1 Driver Going Broke?

The legendary formula 1 driver Michael Schumacher is in a deep sea of medical expenses. His wife already sold their private jet, their resort, and auctioned off one of Schumacher’s favorite Formula 1 sports cars.

Coronado Bridge Tragedy: Four Dead, Several Injured After Truck Crashes Off Coronado Bridge ramp

Family Life  18 October '16

Coronado Bridge Tragedy: Four Dead, Several Injured After Truck Crashes Off Coronado Bridge Ramp

The recent tragedy at Chicano Bridge cost lives of four citizens. Among them, a couple now getting famed for selflessness and humanitarianism.

San Francisco Bay

Toddler  10 October '16

Sailboat Capsizes In San Francisco Bay, Three Children On Board; One Child Pulled Out Was Unconscious But Is Expected To Recover

A sailboat capsized in the San Francisco Bay and one child was unresponsive when pulled out of the water.

Pokemon Go Launches In The UK

Technology  21 September '16

‘Pokemon Go’ News: Player Rickeybot Gets Mugged, Broadcasts Live To Twitch

Ricky Yeneza, also known by the handle Rickeybot on Twitch, was caught on camera as he was being mugged while playing "Pokemon Go," with the whole event being streamed in real time to his viewers on TWitch.

  Samsung And Six Flags Debut The First Virtual Reality Coaster Powered By Samsung Gear VR At Six Flags

Family Life  19 August '16

Six Connecticut Children Shocked By Electricity In Amusement Park

At Ocean Beach Park in New London, Connecticut, six children were shocked by electricity after riding the Scrambler. They were taken to the hospital due to the incident.

Terri and Robert Irwin

Celebrity Daddy(Soft News)  5 August '16

Steve Irwin's Widow Terri Says she has Never Dated Anyone Since Husband's Death 10 Years ago

Steve Irwin's wife, Terri, said that she has not gone on a single date since her husband's death in 2006.

Air Pollution Levels In Putney Exceed Yearly Quota Just Days Into 2013

Infant  28 July '16

Heatstroke Danger: Deaths Of Children In Hot Cars Are Rising; Parents Need To Be More Vigilant

Recently, the number of children dying in hot cars are rising and parents are advised to be more vigilant in order to avoid such accidents.

Car crash

Health/Nutrition  7 July '16

Text-to-911: Why The Emergency Hotline Texting Service Isn't Available In All States

After the Orlando shooting, many have talked about the accessibility and availability of a 911 texting service in all U.S. states. This may accommodate reaching the emergency hotline while stuck on situations when calling is dangerous.

Sale Of Automatic Weapons Comes Under Scrutiny After Orlando Shootings

Teens/Young Adults  5 July '16

Teen Boy Killed Accidentally By Dad While Practicing In A Shooting Lane With His Three Children

Stephen Brumby was fatally shot by his dad when they were practicing firing at a shooting range.

New Law Seeks to Crack Down on Distracted New York Drivers

Dads  9 June '16

Hands-Free Phones Just as Dangerous as Handheld Devices? How Phone Calls Can Increase The Risk Of Traffic Accidents

Researchers from Sussex in England have discovered that the use of hands-free devices is still extremely distracting.

Are Bounce Houses Safe? 7-Year-Old Girl Killed Inside Inflatable After Strong Wind Swept It Away

Parenting  4 April '16

Are Bounce Houses Safe? 7-Year-Old Girl Killed Inside Inflatable

A 7-year-old girl was fatally wounded after an accident occurs while she's inside the inflatable bounce house.

The Hills

Pregnancy  24 March '16

Woman Learns She's Having Triplets After Husband Dies

A few weeks after her husband's death, Courtney Hill went to the hospital thinking she was having a miscarriage but went home with a very beautiful news instead.

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