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Online pornography

Development  14 October '16

Online Pornography And Its Effect On Young Minds: Withdrawal From Society, Usage Of Profanity, Negative Behavior

Not only adults are prone to online pornography but children as young as 10. Those who have online access also have themselves affected in a negative way.

Berlin Hemp Parade 2016

Behavior  16 August '16

Teens Who Use Marijuana are More Likely to Experience Psychotic Symptoms' Research Says

Teens, especially males, may feel the adverse effects of drug use even after a year of not using them.

Josie Gibson Launches Her New Diet Website 'Slimmables'

Body  15 August '16

Body Shaming and The Struggle With Body Image: Never Think You are Not Good Enough

A lot of people these days are too focused on their body image and it's stressing them out.

Thousands Of American Children May Have Hypertension Without Parents Knowing It

School Age  26 April '16

Parenting Tips: New Study Suggests Harsh Parenting Leads To Child Obesity

Parents who are harsh to their kids are the reason why there is an on-going issue on child obesity.

Winter Blues Beckon As Daylight Hours Foreshorten

Health/Nutrition  29 March '16

Primary Care Givers Urged To Screen All Teens For Depression

According to a new recommendation, all primary care doctors should screen adolescents routinely for depression.

Teen addiciton

Family Life  3 March '16

Cocaine and Nicotine Create Stronger Connection to Dopamine in Teen's Brains Making Them More at Risk to Substance Abuse, Study Reveals

A recently published study revealed that in an adolescent's brain, cocaine decreases eIF2α activity which regulated protein production and creates a stronger connection between dopamine-rich neurons.

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