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Childhood Stress In Adulthood

Parenting  2 May '17

Childhood Stress Is A Toxic Killer In Adulthood As 'Resilience' Documentary Highlights

James Redford tackles childhood stress or Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) in the "Resilience" documentary.

Inflammatory Diet

Teens/Young Adults  3 March '17

Poor Diet In Teen Years Linked To Higher Breast Cancer Risk In Adulthood; Researchers Detail 'Inflammatory Diet' Dangers In New Study

Parents, here's another reason why it's important to teach kids to eat healthy while they are young.

Autism Evaluation Day for Our Son

Autism  30 December '16

Study Reveals The Need For More Services For Young Adults With Autism

Autism is tough to bear and go through, especially when one is entering adulthood.

Flu Season Takes Hold Of U.S.

Health  28 July '16

Children's Health: Disease In Childhood Not Linked To Increased Risk Of Death

Scientists say that exposure to infections during childhood does not impair your survival rates in the future.

Elderly Homes As Catalunya Suspends Social Service Payments

Health/Nutrition  14 July '16

Gene Linked To The Development of Alzheimer's Disease May Show Effects As Early As Childhood, Study Says

A new study shows that the e4 gene variant of APOE in children's brains triggers Alzheimer's disease effects as early as childhood. The children with e4 gene have poor memory and thinking skills.


Behavior  24 June '16

Moving During Childhood has Negative Outcomes When One Reaches Adulthood

A recent study claims that moving during childhood could have negative impact once one reaches adulthood.

Thousands Of American Children May Have Hypertension Without Parents Knowing It

School Age  26 April '16

Parenting Tips: New Study Suggests Harsh Parenting Leads To Child Obesity

Parents who are harsh to their kids are the reason why there is an on-going issue on child obesity.


Parenting  16 January '14

Children Closely Associated With Their Parents In Childhood Found To Have Better Control Over Their Emotions In Adulthood

The brain development gets affected by childhood experiences and associations.

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