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Girl Sues India Government Over Climate Change

Children  11 April '17

Climate Change Crisis: 9-Year-Old Sues Government For Failure To Implement Environmental Laws

Ridhima Pandey, 9, filed her lawsuit with the National Green Tribunal upon a lawyer's advise and with the support of her parents who are environmentalists.

Xiaomi Launches Xiaomi Mi Air Mask Targeted For Severely Air Polluted Cities Like Bakersfield, California!

Dads  10 November '16

Xiaomi Launches Xiaomi Mi Air Mask Targeted For Severely Air Polluted Cities Like Bakersfield, California!

Xiaomi launches Xiaomi Mi air mask currently available only in China.

Air Pollution Reaches High Levels Across London

Dads  13 May '16

Rising Air Pollution In Major Cities Across The World Is Killing Millions

Outdoor pollution has risen 8 percent in five years with fast-growing cities in the developing world being the worst affected, according to WHO.

Beijing Issues Red Alert On Air Pollution For The First Time

Body  6 May '16

The Benefits Of Exercise Compensate For The Dangers Of Air Pollution In Urban Areas

The benefits of regular exercise cancels out the dangers of air pollution in highly polluted areas. Simple exercises like walking and cycling helps a lot.

Weekly German Cabinet Meeting

Body  2 May '16

How To Prevent Allergy: 4 Lifestyle Changes To Beat Allergic Reactions

Discover some simple changes you can make in order to prevent allergies.

GOP Presidential Candidates Address RISE Initiative Black Christian Summit

Health  29 April '16

Air Pollution: Even Small Amounts Could Have Long-Term Effects For Developing Fetus

A study says that women exposed to low levels or air pollution are at risk for having a premature baby or children with lifelong neurological and respiratory problems.

Report Places Los Angeles At Top Of List For City With Worst Traffic And Smog

Health/Nutrition  22 April '16

Study Says Most Americans Live In Counties With Unhealthy Levels Of Air Pollution; California Tops As Most Ozone-Polluted Area

More than half of all Americans live in counties where they are exposed to damaging levels of air pollution, a recent study claims.

Polar Bears At San Francisco Zoo Get 10 Tons Of Fresh Snow

School  21 April '16

Climate Change Forces Polar Bears To Swim Farther For Food Due to Melting Ice Caps

Polar bears are forced to swim longer distances in search for food because of the melting summer sea ice due to climate change.

Greenpeace Climb Nelson's Column In Protest At London's Air Pollution

Music.Art.STEM  21 April '16

Greenpeace Puts Face Mask On Popular UK Landmarks To Protest Worsening Air Pollution

Greenpeace International has scaled famous English landmarks and put face masks on popular statues to protest the worsening air pollution in London.

Global CO2 Levels Reach Unprecedented Monthly Highs

Health  21 April '16

Study Says Air Pollution From Traffic & Factories Lead To Premature Births & Economic Costs

Exposure to particulate matter caused 15,808 premature births in 2010, according to a New York University School of Medicine study.

New York, LA Have Most Polluted Air

Health/Nutrition  31 March '16

Air Pollution: Over 150 LA Child Care Centers Dangerously Close To Freeways

Over 150 Los Angeles child care centers are too close to freeways, putting children at more risk for air pollution.

Air Pollution

Health/Nutrition  31 March '16

Health News & Update: Air Pollution May Be Causing Premature Births [Study]

A new study suggests that air pollution in the United States may be causing each year thousands of premature births, costing billions of dollars along the way.

Air Pollution

Pregnancy  22 March '16

Study Reveals Women's Exposure to Air Pollution During Pregnancy May Cause the Child to Have a Bad Behavior

A recent study has revealed that pregnant women's exposure to a common air pollutant may negatively affect fetal development.

Poverty A Central Election Issue in the Philippines

Health/Nutrition  16 March '16

More Than 12 Million Die Yearly Due To Unhealthy Environment, According To WHO

Find out more about the dangers of living and working in an unhealthy environment.

Heavyweight Man Eating Funk Food

Health/Nutrition  26 February '16

CDC: American Obesity Reach All-Time High at 30 Percent

The general obesity rate in the US has reached 30 percent. Adult black Americans have the highest obesity rates followed by Hispanics and white Americans.

China Daily Life - Pollution

Health/Nutrition  24 February '16

Diabetes, Obesity Risk Increases As People Gets More Exposed To Air Pollution

A recent study says, air pollution doesn't just cause lung problems but can also increase the risk of diabetes and obesity.

China Air Pollution

Health/Nutrition  24 February '16

The Air You Breathe Might Cause You Obesity and Diabetes

Researchers found out that continuous exposure to the highly polluted air can possibly make you obese and give you diabetes.

China Daily Life - Pollution

Health/Nutrition  15 February '16

Air Pollution Kills More Than 5.5 Million People Every Year

Find out more details about the research, the biggest sources of air pollution, what countries are doing about this problem and how you can prevent air pollution in your own home.

Pregnant women need to be cautious of the air they breathe

Health/Nutrition  14 February '14

Air pollution may put pregnant women at risk for complications during delivery

Air pollution may be toxic to pregnant women and put them at risk for complications during delivery, such as preeclampsia, according to a study from the University of Florida.

Air pollution

Health/Nutrition  17 October '13

Air Pollution Officially Considered Carcinogenic by Cancer Research Body

Cancer is largely caused by air pollution, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in France, part of the World Health Organization, said in a report released Thursday.

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