Air Pollution Directly Impacted School Test Results in Salt Lake Study

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Air pollution directly impacted school test results in the Salt Lake Study.

Too much exposure to air pollution spikes is linked to the reason why there is a reduced school test result for third graders in Salt Lake County. 

Schools with a higher number of students of color and from households experiencing poverty were exposed to more air pollution days than schools that are serving the middle to upper class and are white. 

The result of this Salt Lake Study stresses the need for lawmakers to make policies to reduce the number of air pollution days. 

The air in Salt Lake City

Fine particulate matter is tiny particles that are responsible for air pollution that is harmful to children's health even when they are inside the classroom. Proofs showed that it affects the school test result and the school performance of the students. 

In Salt Lake City, this issue is a harmful reality, since their place was among the top 10 most polluted cities for short-term air pollution in the latest American Lung Association report. 

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The study

In a new Salt Lake study, they found out that more exposure to air pollution is linked to the reduced math and English language school test results of the students from 2016 to 2017. 

In this Salt Lake Study, it was shown how the minimum air pollution levels in their city are below what the U.S. decides to be "safe" levels. The results stress the need for lawmakers to make policies that will help reduce the number of the said pollution, as well as to call for action for lower law pollution standards. 

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Effects of air pollution

Casey Muller, the author of the Salt Lake study, said that the huge takeaway from their study is that it is not about school location nor merely about the schools in the most polluted parts of the city. She said that everyone is affected by the said air pollution. 

Sara Grineski, the co-author of the Salt Lake study, said that there are a lot of studies showing that air pollution affects people's brains. She added that their place has made great progress to lower the pollution in the past decades, although they still need to keep pushing forward policies to reduce the said problem. 

Although they also know that it will improve the health of the people, it can also help children do a little bit better in their school test results and school performance. 

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The implication of the study

The authors of the study suggest that lawmakers could advance public health laws that will protect children's exposure to air pollution. 

Authors have also talked with urban planners about making cleaner air routes for children to move around their communities. 

For the future, the authors of the study hope that there will be a law passed where they could prevent schools from being built in areas with high pollution levels. But for now, they hope for officials to invest in better air systems in the classroom to help aid the poor air quality that already exists. 

Finally, the authors said that this is a conversation that everyone should be having and that people should be informed about what is at stake. 

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