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Health  7 May '17

Measles Cases In Minnesota's Somali Community Increase After False Information Dissemination From Anti-Vaccine Groups

A Somali community in Minnesota is now suffering an increased number of measles cases after anti-vaccine groups disseminated information regarding vaccines causing autism.

Berlin Hit By Measles Outbreak

Autism  15 August '16

Fabricated Vaccination Study: Will This Shed Light on the Ongoing Debate on Vaccination and Autism?

16 years ago, Dr. Andrew Wakefield made a study which was published in a health journal. As years moved forward, it was discovered that his study on vaccination was completely fabricated.

Berlin Hit By Measles Outbreak

Health/Nutrition  5 June '15

Report: Anti Vaccine Movement Mostly Parents From Rich, White Areas

A new report published in Pediatrics has put a face on the anti vaccination movement and it suggests that the majority of the population come are white parents from affluent communities.

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