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Police And Students Take Part In Anti-terror Drill In A School

Body  19 July '16

Nasal Irrigation Vs. Steam Inhalation: Which Provides Better Relief For Chronic Sinusitis?

Around 29.4 million people in the United States have chronic sinusitis, with adults comprising 12.3 percent of that number. Nasal irrigation and steam inhalation are common treatments for the condition, but which is better?

Protest At Against Fracking At Lancashire County Council

Body  19 July '16

Fracking Contributes to Asthma, Exposure To Pollution & Stress Increase Children & Adults’ Need For Medical Treatment

Asthma medications and hospitalizations were more common in people living near fracking operations throughout the country. Pollution and stress associated with fracking operations could be blamed for these asthma attacks.

Toyota Issues Prius Recall Over Cooling Pump Issue

Family Life  18 July '16

Vehicular Accidents and Road Rage In The US: Nearly 8 Million American Drivers Display Anger & Aggression On The Road

Around 8 million American drivers displayed angry and aggressive acts on the road. This includes intentionally hitting another vehicle or getting out of their cars to confront another driver.

Hottest Day Of The Year So Far

Medicine  18 July '16

Gonorrhea To Become Untreatable Soon? Drugs For Treatment Ineffective Against The Sexually Transmitted Disease

The CDC said that the Neisseria gonorrhoeae bacteria may be have bacome resistant to azithromycin and ceftriaxone drugs, which is used to treat gonorrhea. Doctors said there's a possibility that gonorrhea will become untreatable soon.

Twenty-Year-Old People Celebrate Coming-Of-Age Around Japan

College Success  17 July '16

Nicotine Fix No More: Michigan State University Will Ban Smoking Cigarettes & Other Tobacco Products

The university's ban covers the whole range of tobacco products such as cigarettes, e-cigarettes or vape, hookahs, and chewable tobacco, among others. Tobacco use is not permitted in MSU's buildings, dormitories, lawns, sidewalks, and even in personal vehicles sitting on the university's parking lots.

Canoe / Kayak US National Team Trials - Previews

Health/Nutrition  17 July '16

Brain-Eating Amoeba Ohio Case: US National Whitewater Center Admits Fault In Tragic Death of Teen, Confirms Algae In Water Breeds Brain-Eating Amoeba

According to the Whitewater Center, the algae in its waters stimulated the growth of organic matter in there including the brain-eating amoeba. The algae made the sanitation system inadequate when it comes to removing threats from waterborne illnesses.

Center For Disease Control Director Tom Frieden Speaks At Discussion On Zika, The Olympics, And Global Health Security

Health/Nutrition  15 July '16

Money From Zika Virus? CDC Wants Men's Semen if They Have Suffered From Virus, Health Establishment Ready to Pay Providers

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will pay men for their semen if they have been infected by Zika virus.

Bloomberg's Ban On Large Sodas Debated In Court, As New Report Details Diabetes Deaths In City At A High

Body  7 July '16

Obesity in Americans is High Because of Subsidized Commodities

US government pays farmers to make Americans fat. This is implied in the study conducted by CDCP.

Canoe / Kayak US National Team Trials - Previews

Body  4 July '16

Brain-Eating Amoeba Water Contamination In North Carolina Water Park Blamed On Inadequate Sanitation System

Death from the brain-eating amoeba usually takes place 18 days after nasal ingestion. The CDC blames the unusually high growth of the pathogen to North Carolina's inadequate water sanitation system.

Brazil Faces New Health Epidemic As Mosquito-Borne Zika Virus Spreads Rapidly

Health  30 June '16

Zika Outbreak News:First Baby With Zika-Related Defect Born In Florida

A baby born with Zika-related microcephaly has been born in Florida, the first for the state.

South Florida Begins Mass Distribution Of H1N1 Vaccine

Medicine  24 June '16

CDC Declares Nasal Spray Vaccine As Ineffective, Recommends Better Method Of Immunization Against The Flu

The CDC said that nasal spray vaccine is less effective than flu shots. New data found that the FluMist nose spray vaccine performed poorly against the most common flu strains during the past three flu seasons.

Practioners Enjoy Serenity Of Paddleboard Yoga

Body  23 June '16

Americans Spend Billions On Supplementary Health Practices

Americans are going beyond conventional health practices, spending billions on meditation and yoga, among others.

Lifestyle During Pregnancy

Pregnancy  13 June '16

Pregnant And Scared Teenage Girls Intentionally Smoke Cigarettes To Have Smaller And Weaker Babies

Pregnant teenage girls are intentionally taking up smoking to make their babies smaller and weaker. These girls are scared of going into labor or giving birth to large babies.

Brazil Faces New Health Epidemic As Mosquito-Borne Zika Virus Spreads Rapidly

Body  10 June '16

Miami Considered As Ground Zero For Zika Virus Outbreak In The US; City’s Tropical Weather An Ideal Mosquito Breeding Ground

Aside from Miami's tropical weather, the city is vulnerable to a Zika outbreak due to the high amount of Latin American travelers there. Experts said Miami, Florida is ground zero for a possible Zika outbreak in the U.S.

FILE Changes Announced In Maternity Services

Health  9 June '16

Abortion Gains Ground: Midwives Effecting Pregnancy Termination In France, But How Much Of Choice Is Still About Economic Conditions?

In France a controversial law makes abortion even more accessible by allowing midwives to administer medical abortion without requiring the presence of a gynecologist.

Olympics Construction Encroaches On Rio Favela

Body  6 June '16

Olympic Games 2016 Boycott: New York Official Warns Olympics Will Spur Worldwide Zika Virus Epidemic

Public health officials believe that it's only a matter before the virus will spread in the United States and all over the world. That is if the Olympic Games will push through in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in August.

Young pregnant woman and her partner feeling their baby

Pregnancy  3 June '16

Latest Teenage Birthrate Data For Year 2015 Is The Lowest In U.S. History

Teenagers might be getting a little less frisky and more cautious of getting pregnant according to a report that states that the teen birthrates in the United States hit an all-time low for the year of 2015.

Health Workers Test And Spray For Mosquitos As Texas Prepares For Zika Virus

Health/Nutrition  3 June '16

Tips On How To Prevent Spread Of Zika Virus: Health Experts Say People Should Be Educated

Educating people about Zika virus will help stop more casualties due to the outbreak. Originally from Brazil, the Zika outbreak has already spread in the Caribbean, Central America and the Pacific Islands.

Brooke Shields talks about her battle with postpartum depression as Sen. Robert Menendez listens at a news conference at Capitol Hill in Washington DC.

Health  2 June '16

Pregnancy News: Maternal Depression Screening Is Causing More Women To Avail Of Mental Healthcare Services

A new study on maternal depression found that women who underwent regular depression screenings before, during or after pregnancy were more inclined to avail of mental healthcare services.

As Thousands Of Schools Close, One Struggles To Stay On

Health  2 June '16

Research: Concussions In American Children Possibly Underreported

New research has suggested that concussions in children in America have not been reported accurately.

Brazil Faces New Health Epidemic As Mosquito-Borne Zika Virus Spreads Rapidly

Health  2 June '16

US Sees Third Case Of Baby Affected With Zika Virus; Baby Girl Born With Microcephaly & Abnormal Eyes

The baby girl has microcephaly and abnormal eyes. Zika is transmitted by Aedes species mosquito carriers, and can be acquired through sex as well.

Brazil Faces New Health Epidemic As Mosquito-Borne Zika Virus Spreads Rapidly

Health/Nutrition  1 June '16

Zika Outbreak Latest News & Updates: Japan Develops New Tool That Predicts How Virus Will Spread Further

A new tool from Japan may help predict the Zika outbreak's spread. Zika virus has already reached more than 40 countries.

Pregnant Women Photography Studio Increasingly Popular In Beijing

Pregnancy  27 May '16

New Mexico Makes Significant Progress In Teenage Pregnancy, Birth Rate Decreases By 48 Percent

U.S. states are seeing declines in its teenage pregnancy rate. Unlike in the past decades, teens are now delaying sexual experimentation longer and are gaining knowledge about the most effective modern contraceptives.

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