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Brazil Faces New Health Epidemic As Mosquito-Borne Zika Virus Spreads Rapidly

Health  25 May '16

Zika Virus News & Updates: Fears Mounting As Experts Worry Zika Is Causing Eye Damage In Babies

Zika already causes microcephaly in babies affected by the virus. A recent report found that eye damages can be also one of the health issues Zika-affected infants are facing.

Hundreds Of Sea Turtles Hatchlings Are Released Into Atlantic Ocean

Health/Nutrition  20 May '16

Salmonella Outbreak In 26 States Blamed On Touching Turtles; More Than 130 People Affected

Even small turtles can be carriers of salmonella through their skin and shell. The recent salmonella outbreak in 26 U.S. states has already infected 133 individuals.

Scotland Prepares For Smoking Ban

Body  19 May '16

Americans Giving Up Smoking Can Cut The Country's Healthcare Spending By $63 Billion

Healthcare spending in the U.S. can be reduced if more people quit smoking. More than $60 billion can be saved from the country's healthcare costs if residents quit cigarettes.

Utopia Challenged - Sweden's Relationship With Refugees

ADHD  17 May '16

Dangers Of Wrong Diagnosis: Rare Cancers May Disguise Itself As ADHD In Children

Children are being misdiagnosed with ADHD due to rare cancer tumors that exhibit similar symptoms. Wrong diagnosis can be a threat to kids' health.

Berlin Hit By Measles Outbreak

Medicine  16 May '16

Researchers Developing A Single Molecule Said To Protect People Better From Viruses Than Vaccines

A single molecule treatment is being developed by researchers. The treatment can potentially be better than vaccines when it comes to protecting people from contagious diseases.

Liberia Battles Spreading Ebola Epidemic

Medicine  13 May '16

CDC Sanctioned For Mishandling Bioterror Germs

CDC's own laboratories have repeatedly violated safety rules, receiving sanctions under federal regulations over the years.

Berlin Hit By Measles Outbreak

Health  13 May '16

Michigan Sees Chickenpox Outbreak; Nearly 240 Children Infected Since April

Michigan has a higher rate of chickenpox cases this year than in 2015. Officials recorded a 57 percent surge among children infected with the contagious disease.

GE CEO And NFL Commissioner Goodell Announce Initiative To Study Concussions

Mind  12 May '16

Are Ex-NFL Players More Likely To Commit Suicide Than The General U.S. Population? CDC’s New Study Says No

Former National Football League players are at no greater risk of killing themselves when compared with the general American population, a recent CDC study claims.

Pfizer's Second Quarter Net Income Shows Large Gain, More Than Doubles

Body  11 May '16

Cholesterol Drugs Are About To Be More Expensive: Cigna Inks Deal With Amgen & Sanofi For Results-Based Medicine Cost

The price of cholesterol drugs manufactured by Amgen and Sanofi/Regeneron will not be results-based. The medication will get more expensive if patients' cholesterol levels aren't reduced.

Brazil Faces New Health Epidemic As Mosquito-Borne Zika Virus Spreads Rapidly

Health  11 May '16

CDC: Zika Virus Detection Made Easier Through New Urine Test; Can Help Control Virus Spread

Urine tests give a longer time period for detecting tha virus than blood tests.

Children Of The West-Bank

Behavior  11 May '16

Teenagers With ADHD Need Drugs, Psychotherapy & Special Treatments Different From Younger Children

Teens and young children need different kinds of treatment for their ADHD. Teenagers need a more specialized medication that combines psychotherapy and drugs.

Special Valentines Day Naturalization Ceremony Held For Married Couples

Fertility  11 May '16

America's Birth Rate Plummets: How Fewer Babies Hurt The US Economy

The U.S. is seeing lower birth rates since the 2008 recession. Fewer babies have significant impacts on the country's economy.

The Silent Pandemic: Tackling Hepatitis C With Policy Innovation

Body  6 May '16

Hepatitis C Deaths Soar At A Record High, More Fatal Than HIV, Tuberculosis And Others

The CDC said that Hepatitis C is killing more Americans than HIV, tuberculosis and other diseases.

Emergency Room Physicians Sue State Over Dire Need For Additional Finances

Body  6 May '16

Hepatitis C In The US: Death Rate Reaches All-Time High; New Cases Also On The Rise

Find out why the number of Hepatitis C cases and deaths are increasing in America.

FIJI Water At amfAR New York Gala

News  6 May '16

50 & Pregnant: Janet Jackson Follows 'Dammn Baby' Release With IVF Assisted Pregnancy Surprise?

Did "Unbreakable" singer Janet Jackson release the simultaneous surprise of her music video "Dammn Baby" and a successful IVF assisted pregnancy?

General Foods Sells Off Green Giant And La Sueur Brands For $765 Million

Food  4 May '16

CRF Frozen Foods Voluntarily Recalls Organic & Non-Organic Food & Vegetables Due To Listeria Outbreak

CRF Frozen Foods is expanding its recall process due to a listeria scare. Frozen organic and non-organic fruits and vegetables are also being recalled by the company to ensure consumers' safety.

'Disney Fantasy' Launches From German Shipyard

Body  4 May '16

Stomach Bug Hits Disney Cruise Ship, CDC Investigating Outbreak

The CDC is investigating a Disney cruise ship after nearly 150 people aboard contracted a stomach bug.

Utopia Challenged - Sweden's Relationship With Refugees

Health  2 May '16

Children With Concussions On The Rise: Monkey Bars And Swings In Playgrounds Are To Blame

Playground equipment like monkey bars and swings result to higher concussion rates among children. Around 30,000 children got concussions and traumatic brain injuries in 2013.

World Autism Awareness Day 2015

Autism  1 May '16

Study Says More Than One-Third Of Autistic Children Wandered Away In The Last 12 Months

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveal that more than one-third of autistic kids have wandered away from a safe environment in the last twelve months.

Children Attend Weight Loss Summer Camp

Body  30 April '16

Cost Of Psoriasis: Chronic Skin Disease Linked To Obesity, Diabetes & Other Disorders

A study found that people with psoriasis have higher chances of being obese and diabetic. Psoriasis can also lead to heart diseases, stroke and mental distress like depression.

US Population Nears 300 Million Mark

Behavior  29 April '16

US Teenage Birth Rates: CDC Says Rates Have Fallen By Almost Half Among Black and Hispanic Teens

The CDC says that teenage birth rates are at a record low and that the rates have decreased by almost half in blacks and Hispanic teens.

AIDS Activists Stage Large Demonstration March Outside International AIDS Conference In DC

Body  29 April '16

Minnesota Records 24 Percent Hike In HIV/AIDS Infection Rate Among Teenagers, Drug Users and Minorities

Minnesota saw a rise of people infected with HIV/AIDS. Teenagers, minorities and drug users are the main carriers of the disease.

Pubs And Clubs in England and Wales Prepare For New Licensing Laws

Behavior  28 April '16

Teenage Drinking: American Teen Girls Start Drinking Earlier Than Boys, Study Says

A new study about teenage drinking in the U.S. found that girls took their first full alcoholic drink earlier than boys.

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