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David Schwimmer Launches Anti-Sexual Harassment Campaign

Dads  5 April '17

David Schwimmer Fights For The Women In His Life, Launches Anti-Sexual Harassment Campaign

David Schwimmer, husband and dad to a 6-year-old-girl, realized most women in his life went through the harrowing experience of sexual harassment. So, he's fighting for them and all other women.

Vulture Festival - Milk Studios

Development  26 May '16

David Schwimmer 's 5-Year-Old Daughter Loves Beer; Should Parents Allow Their Children To Take A Sip?

Should parents allow young children take small sips of beer? Will it make an impact on their adolescence?

David Schwimmer

News  29 April '15

David Schwimmer, Wife & Daughter Make 'Rare' Red Carpet Appearance

In his '90s hit TV series "Friends," where the actor played the geeky Ross Gellar, David Schwimmer had a complicated relationship with his "lobster" and life-partner Rachel and their daughter Emma. But in real life, the former TV star has the perfect family and he proudly walked the the red carpet with them in a rare moment in the actor's public life.

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