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Laptop, Tablet Ban On Planes

Travel  23 March '17

Laptop, Tablet Ban On Planes Upsets Parents: What Moms And Dads Need To Know

Young children and special needs kids on a 12-hour flight from U.S. to UAE or North Africa won't have laptops or tablets due to the ban. How can parents deal with this?

Consumer Product Safety Commission Announces Recall Of Samsung's New Galaxy Note 7

Technology  15 October '16

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Latest News & Updates: The Phone No Longer To Step On Flights

Following the latest incidents of explosions of the device, the U.S. Regulations have banned the phone on all fights in and outside the United States.

Airbus Lands New A380 Plane At JFK Airport

Family Life  26 May '16

Airlines Now Charge Additional Family Fees So Parents Can Sit Next To Their Children During Flights

Parents who want to be seated next to their children during flights are required to pay additional fees to do so. Airlines have been practicing the so-called family fee for advance seat assignments.

CeBIT 2016 Digital Technology Trade Fair

Music.Art.STEM  21 May '16

Education With Drones: Pricey Aerial System May Change Learning

Drone use in schools may soon evolve into a change in the learning curriculum. While drone systems tend to be pricey, the cost is reportedly worth the experience for students.

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