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New Malaria Vaccine

Parenting  25 April '17

Three African Nations Getting First Batch Of New Malaria Vaccine?

Three AfricannNations will get to test the first batch of the new malaria vaccine believed to save thousands.

A Green Carpet Challenge BAFTA Night - LFW September 2016

Celebrity Moms  17 October '16

Victoria and Brooklyn Beckham On A Three-Day Mission To Kenya for HIV Awareness

The influential International Goodwill Ambassador for the UNAIDS campaign Victoria Beckham and son Brooklyn Beckham went on a three-day mission to Kenya from Oct. 7 to 9, 2016, in keeping with one of Victoria's noble duties.

Food Bank Distributes Aid As Demand Increases Amid Recession

Infant  6 October '16

Is Bed-Sharing With Babies Really Dangerous? Book Author Says Co-Sleeping Develops Children’s Self-Reliance & Social Maturity

Bed-sharing with babies has risks, but it also comes with benefits that a child will carry as he/she grows up. The author of "Parenting Without Borders" said, however, that children who shared beds with their parents are socially responsible and are self-reliant despite their young age.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

News  13 May '16

Prince William, Kate Middleton Divorce: 'Insensitive' Duchess of Cambridge Grounds Prince Harry’s Brother? Does Not Trust Husband Any More?

Kate Middleton reportedly grounded Prince William and forced him to stay at home than join Prince Harry reminisce Disney World memories with Princess Diana.

HPV Vaccinations Back In Spotlight After Perry Joins Presidential Race

Body  11 May '16

Yellow Fever Kills Nearly 300 In Africa: Disease In Danger Of Becoming A Global Epidemic Due To Vaccine Shortage

The death toll in Angola due to yellow fever has spiked to nearly 300. The WHO worries that the situation will worsen due to the dwindling supply of the vaccine for the disease.

Prince William and Kate Middleton talking about Kensington Palace.

News  29 March '16

Kate Middleton, Prince William Divorce: Duchess of Cambridge Skipped Royal Family Easter Sunday As Revenge To Husband? Couple’s Happy Ever After Now Over?

Recent rumors suggest that Kate Middleton has been extremely mad after learning that Prince William went to Kenya to see his ex-ladylove, Jecca Craig.

The Duke Of Cambridge And Lord Hague Visit London Gateway

null  25 March '16

Prince William Will Miss Easter With Kate Middleton And Family To Attend Ex-Girlfriend's Wedding

Prince William will reportedly be in Kenya for four days.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

News  25 March '16

Kate Middleton, Prince William Divorce: Duke of Cambridge Cheating on Wife With Jecca Craig? Duchess Furious As Husband Skips Family Easter

Reports have it that Prince William chose Jecca Craig over Kate Middleton and his family.

2016 Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon

News  7 March '16

Over 40,000 Runners in Kenya Join the Cause Against Maternal-Child Mortality

Close to 40,000 runners particpated in this year's First Lady's Marathon in Kenya on Sunday. The race aims to raise funds to help curb maternal and child mortality in the country.

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