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Alec Baldwin

Dads  9 November '16

U.S. Presidential Elections: Is Alec Baldwin's 'SNL' Impersonation Of Donald Trump To Be Blamed For GOP Nominee's Rise In Ongoing Elections?

Alec Baldwin's impersonation of Donald Trump is viewed as one of the reasons why the GOP nominee is gaining votes.

Els for Autism Pro Am

SPED Kids  3 November '16

Autism Misrepresented: What The Media Get Wrong About People With Autism & How It Leads to Dangerous Stereotypes

Inaccurate media portrayals of people with autism could encourage potentially harmful stereotypes among the public. Because of this, Autism Canada developed a guide that teaches journalists how to depict autism accurately and fairly.

Arts Advocacy Day 2012 Congressional Arts Kick Off & Press Conference

Celebrity Daddy(Soft News)  14 October '16

'Notorious' Season 1: Melina Kanakaredes Joining The Cast?

More news about ABC's new series "Notorious" and Melina Kanakaredes' role.

3 Ways Parents Can Prevent Cyberbullying

School  10 October '16

3 Ways Parents Can Prevent Cyberbullying

cyberbullying is so much worse than regular bullying is that one rumor can reach the whole school with the touch of a button. When we were kids, it took a while for a rumor to surface. But today it can easily be on the front page of every child’s device in a matter of minutes. It’s almost as if every day kids can write a mean message on the front wall of a school lobby without any repercussions. In addition, kids can take pictures of that wall and save them in their online library which can live forever.

Samsung Launch New Smart Phones

Technology  8 July '16

Tech News and Updates: The Best Android Applications of 2016 So Far

Here are the best 2016 apps for Android devices according to reviewers.

France Honours Attack Victims As The Nation Mourns

Mind  8 June '16

Media Manipulation Portrays People With Mental Disorders As Violent, Even Though They’re Not

The negative media coverage about mentally ill people has taught the society to become fearful of them. People with depression, schizophrenia and anxiety are being subjected to prejudice because of how the media portrays them.

Children Watch Television At Home

Behavior  30 May '16

Media Keeps Preschoolers From Communicating With Their Parents

Electronic media has been found to prevent preschoolers from communicating with their parents.

Universities Anticipate High Numbers Of Students

Education  20 May '16

Media Multitasking Leads To Bad English And Math Scores For Teens

Greater time spend media multitasking for teens leads to a drop in their test scores, a study has revealed.

Justin Bieber, Ellen De Generes, and his other pals.

Family Life  15 April '15

Justin Bieber Kicked Out of Coachella, Rihanna Accused of Snorting Cocaine: How to Screen Your Kids' Media Role Models

The New York Daily News reported that Justin Bieber was kicked out of the Coachella Music Festival after a security altercation.

Drew Barrymore, kissing youngest child, Frankie.

News  31 March '15

15 Celebrity Moms & Dads You Should Follow on Social Media

Some celebrity parents are inspiration to many. Fans look up to them as role models for parenting in the 21st century.

Faraday Cafe

Health/Nutrition  12 August '14

An Exercise in Simplicity—Faraday Café Puts An End to the Social Age

There’s something to be said in the simplicity that we grew up in. Confined by the evolutionary limitations our voices and our feet could manage, before the turn of the digital revolution, humans were a far less social creature… at least in theory. But now that we’re so connected on the internet, and constantly looking for more ways to log on rather than hang out, there are those who think that the simplicity and personal connections we once thrived on are lost.

kid watching iPad

Health/Nutrition  3 April '14

Setting limits on screen time for kids can yield positive results

Setting limits on screen time for kids can yield positive results, including improved sleep, better grades, less aggressive behavior, and lower risk of obesity, new research published Monday says.


Health/Nutrition  7 March '14

Facebook as the enemy: How the social media site can lead to an eating disorder

Frequent Facebook users are more prone to develop an eating disorder a new study shows.

Media Literacy May be Effective in Educating Teens About Smoking

Health/Nutrition  16 January '14

Media Literacy May be Effective in Educating Teens About Smoking

Educating teenagers to see through pro-cigarette messages in the media may be effective at preventing youth smoking than just saying no, a recent study finds.

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