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Parents As Best Friends Of Their Kids

Parenting  2 May '17

Parents As Best Friends: How Can Moms And Dads Be Buddies With Their Kids Without Losing Authority?

Parents who are best friends with their kids establish a level of trust that make them their confidante.

Developing Passion In Kids

Children  18 April '17

Developing Passion In Kids: Experts Say It Begins In Middle School; Here's How Parents Can Help Ignite That Fire

Finding passion is a process of self-discovery and parents can boost this interest once children reach middle school-age. Experts, however, advise against over-meddling.

California Parents Give New Sex Education Curriculum A Thumbs Down

School  1 April '17

Parents Thumb Down 'Extremely Provocative' Sex Education Curriculum In A California School District

Parents opposed the material's content, which included vaginal, oral and anal sex. It also touched on homosexual and same-sex relationships.

Start School Later Gets Needed Support

School  21 February '17

Legislation For Kids: Senator Files Bill Pushing School To Start An Hour Later

A bill filed by Senator Anthony Portantino would require schools to start the day at a later time than the regular schedule.

Middle School students need more sleep, later school starts to perform better

Teens/Young Adults  16 December '16

Teens Perform Better With More Sleep Hours, Later School Hours

Experts recommends eight to ten hours of sleep for teenagers as well as later school hours for them to perform well in school and in society.

Children's Hospital Class Aims To Help Youth With Obesity Issues

Health  15 September '16

Weight-Based Discrimination And Bullying Among Middle School Students: Its Alarming Emotional Consequences

A new study found that weight-based discrimination and bullying suffered by middle school students are bound to have serious emotional consequences as adolescents grow up. Childhood bullying can have long-term and traumatic effects on a person's mental health, particularly in their emotional, psychological, and social developments.

Maryland Tests Concept of Public Military School

School  14 August '16

Education Trends: What You Need To Know About Public Schools In The US; The System Is Disappointing The Students

Public schools in the U.S. are facing an alarming problem. Know the reason why.

In Dilga, Rural Roma Struggle For A Better Life

School  9 July '16

The Value Of Homework: Previous Researches Discounting Its Value May Have Been Inaccurate

Measurement of variables in previous researches about homeworks may have been inaccurate, according to a cognitive scientist's analysis of a recent study.

Cleveland Cavaliers Victory Parade And Rally

School  24 June '16

Remembering History Through Documenting It: Students Win Big In Annual Awards

This year's National History Day Awards awarded more than 300 middle and high school students with $150,000 worth of prizes and scholarships for the papers, documentaries, exhibits, performances and websites they passed.

Students Attend Classes At Chongqing School For The Blind

Relationship  2 June '16

Middle School Teacher Facing Child Abuse Charges For Having Sex With 13-Year-Old Student Every Single Day

Middle school teacher had sex with 13-year-old student for nine months.

As Thousands Of Schools Close, One Struggles To Stay On

School  18 April '16

53 Percent Of Middle School Students In Long Island Boycott Their Math Tests

Third graders in Long Island refused to take the state's standardized math tests. About 53 percent of them didn't take it this year.

As Thousands Of Schools Close, One Struggles To Stay On

Toddler  5 April '16

3 Ways Parents Can Assist Their Children During The Difficult Middle School Stage

Middle school is a difficult time for children, so it is important for parents to be there for them during this transition.

SAT College Exams To Undergo Major Changes

Teens/Young Adults  1 April '16

Education Commissioner Elia On A Crusade To Convince Opt-Out Schools

Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia goes to Buffalo schools to speak about changes made to government-mandated standardized tests. Her crusade seeks to lessen the area's high opt-out rate for this year and many years to come.


Parenting  28 February '16

Middle Schoolers With Condoms? Schools Allowed To Distribute Without Parents' Consent

Parents horrified of San Francisco school board's decision to distribute condoms to middle school children.


Parenting  26 January '16

The Challenges of Mothers Are Far More Complex During Middle School Years

A study reveals that mothers struggle more during the middle school period of their children rather than nurturing them when they were infants.

LAPD Vice Squad In South Central Los Angeles

Family Life  7 January '16

Parents Of Truants Charged With Felony; Debate Rages If Charges Are Fair

A middle school charged three parents of its students with felonies for their children's truancy.

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