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Teaching Kids Patriotism

School  4 December '16

Parents In America Introduce New Tradition Of Patriotism To Their Children

The month of November where Thanksgiving is celebrated and Election Day is held. Parent and elders can define what American Patriotism is all about and let the young ones to explore more what it’s all about and what being a patriotic means. They can teach their kids early to expose them and let them learn what duty relies on them for their country.

Great Parenting Tips

Behavior  2 December '16

With Great Power Comes Great Parenting Responsibilities

Being a parent is one of the most difficult tasks a person can ever have. There is really more to parenting than meets the eye.

Family Wireless

School Age  29 November '16

Extending Your Child's Focus

Finding it difficult to get your child's attention? Here are some ways to have it for a long time.

Sydney's Water Babies

Development  28 November '16

Parenting Difficult Kids Is Considered Hard When In Fact There’s Always Room For More Efforts

Parenting techniques and styles could have many effects on problematic children.

Three Biggest Parenting Mistakes, Find Out The Right Way Of Raising Kids

Family Life  28 November '16

Three Biggest Parenting Mistakes, Find Out The Right Way Of Raising Kids

Parenting is tough, and looking at your own habits and behaviors can be uncomfortable, too. Here are some of the biggest parenting mistakes normally done and how to get it right.

Child left Unattended

Infant  22 November '16

Daycare Being Sued By The Mother Of the 11-Month-Old Baby That Was Left Unattended

Find out what happened to this helpless child after being left unattended. You'll be shocked to see what the mother did next.

Why Sparing The Rod Isn't Effective

Toddler  21 November '16

PARENTING: Discipline Is The Effective Way Of Correcting

Parents often wonder how they can create an environment in their homes and in their relationship with their children that will help in nurturing the children’s prowess in facing future challenges. As children grow old, they tend to misbehave. This is one of the most challenging situations a parent will face.

Issues of Helicopter Parenting

Toddler  20 November '16

7 Why’s To Never Say Sorry For Being A Helicopter Parent

Being a helicopter parent is no mistake that you’ve made. You are just doing your best to be a parent to your child not to others; their child hasn't felt any moment their parent act like their one.

Parenting After Divorce

School Age  20 November '16

Parenting Time: Use Parenting Plan To Avoid Variety of Issues

When a separation of parents in a family occurs, the involvement of the parents in their children is a want in the court usually. The court favors parenting time to those parents who do not have custody of the children. Visitation time is somewhat similar to parenting time.

Celebrity Hero: Maggie Doyne

null  13 November '16

Maggie Doyne, a Millennial Hero to be Featured on Second Parent Wellness Forum

The hero of of 2015 with great contribution to the country that has needs.

Perfect Parenting

Behavior  12 November '16

Perfect Parenting Can Only Be Seen On Social Media

Expectation on parenting a toddler is quite different to the reality. There is really more to parenting than meets the eye.

Why This Girl Went Missing

Toddler  12 November '16

Why This 4-Year Old Girl Went Missing for Four Years: Parents Under Investigation

Relatives of a young girl who went missing for four years reached out to the authorities which led to them discovering her remains in a plastic cooler with cement poured to conceal the rotting smell. With her mother and stepfather being suspects to the crime, they are now under investigation.

Kids Getting Stressed At School

Teens/Young Adults  12 November '16

The Solutions Of School Induced Stress And Breakdowns

One of many mother’s concerns is something that we call “after school meltdowns”. Kids tend to get whiny, cranky, moody, and explosive as soon as they get home from school, a usual occurrence of after-school meltdown that parents are most concerned about.

Jimmy Kimmel Surprises Kids

School Age  10 November '16

Jimmy Kimmel: Halloween Candy Challenge 2016 Part 2

Halloween was around the corner, Americans geared up for one of several sugar-filled holidays on the calendar. Considering the tradition is centered around receiving pre-packaged candy door-to-door, it’s no surprise that American late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel have his annual roundup asking parents to tell their children they ate every last drop of their candy.

Parents Get Joyful Each Time They See Their Kids Learning From Them

Toddler  10 November '16

Instant Results Of Parenting Through Blowing Bubbles

While Brett Baker was on his couch teaching his children how to blow bubblegum bubbles one night, he was reminded of one of the rewards of parenting: instant results.

Blowing Bubbles GiveS Parents Instant Joy

Toddler  8 November '16

Blowing Bubbles GiveS Parents Instant Joy of Seeing their Children Learn From Them

Learning how to blow bubbles is considered to be a great achievement for children. But such achievement could also give parents immediate satisfaction because they were able to teach their children a skill that wouldn’t take years to see the results. This may not be a big deal for you but for parents, it is genuine happiness right there.

4-Year Old Daughter Wore Her Late Mother’s Wedding Dress

School Age  8 November '16

4-Year Old Daughter Wore Her Late Mother’s Wedding Dress in a Touching Photoshoot: ‘It Was a Beautiful Moment’

Little daughter fulfilled her perished mother’s last wish. The result and outcome turned out to be beautiful and was gracefully performed by the little girl with the help of her family, and all those who were friends with her mother.

School Shooting In Nevada Leaves Two Dead, Two Critically Injured

Family Life  6 November '16

Parenting: Why Child-Rearing Is Humanity’s Greatest Task Ever

Playing house was perhaps something that each child has experienced. This child’s game was meant to be fun. However, the adult version of playing house, is not as fun and easy as one might think.

Torrential Rains Bring Historic Floods To Southern Louisiana

Toddler  2 November '16

Dealing With Toddlers' Bite: Afraid Of A Toddler Biting You? Here's What Parents Need To Do

Little kids seem obsessed with biting all the time. Here's how to deal with these little devils.

The Best Gifts for Children

Opinion  2 November '16

Five A-Plus Gifts Parents Can Give To Their Children

Material gifts are good and can bring much enjoyment, but it is the ‘invisible' gifts which usually make the most lasting and beneficial impression on our children.

4th Annual Save the Children Illumination Gala - Inside

Moms  29 October '16

Jennifer Garner On Parenting: 'Electra' Shares The Importance Of Values In Raising Kids

Jennifer Garner opens up about the importance of values and how her children changed her outlook on life.

Activision Blizzard Acquires Candy Crush Saga Maker King Digital Entertainment For $5.9 Billion

Health/Nutrition  25 October '16

Parenting Tips: Banning Tablets Improves Children's Behavior And Mental Health, New Study

Banning tablets could result to a more disciplined and well-behaved child.

Nautica Malibu Triathlon Presented By Equinox

Toddler  23 October '16

Parenting Tips: How To Handle Toddlers The Easy Way

Read on how you could survive parenting your toddler today!

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