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Children's Hospital Class Aims To Help Youth With Obesity Issues

Nutrition  8 August '16

Parenting Tips: Uninvolved Parenting During Mealtime Could Be The Cause Of Obesity, New Study Says

New study shows that child obesity could be blamed on parents who are not hands-on in taking care of their children during meal time.

Focus Features' 'Kubo And The Two Strings' - Photo Call

Family Life  4 August '16

Parenting Tips From Celebrities: Oscar Winners Matthew McConaughey And Charlize Theron Give Their Best Advice For Moms And Dads

The Hollywood stars are featured together in a new animated movie for kids, "Kubo and the Two Strings."

Grand Opening Of Kardashian Khaos At The Mirage Hotel & Casino

Dads  3 August '16

Scott Disick Parenting Tips: Kourtney Kardashian's Estranged Husband Dishes Out Fatherhood Advice To Rob Kardashian

Scott Disick shares his insight with the younger brother of the mother of his children.

Thinking About Parenting

Family Life  31 July '16

Your Parenting Style: SHould You Be Rethinking it?

For Shelby, parenting means much more than being a 24/7 mother. Find more about her story.

Triple P: How It Reduces Parenting Stress

School  28 July '16

Triple P: Why This Parenting Program Can Lower Your Parenting Stress

Triple P or Positive Parenting Programme is now gaining popularity among parents. Because of its effectiveness, Triple P will be incorporated into the different academic instituions across the country.

Leicester Celebrates Diwali, The Hindu Festival Of Light

School Age  28 July '16

Parenting Tips: What Parents Should Know About The Danger Of Windows To Their Children

Believe it or not, but your house windows are dangerous that they could cause a child's death and serious injury,

Federal Budget Expected To Reveal Welfare Cuts And Tax Increases

Family Life  25 July '16

Parenting News & Updates: Parent Struggle In Controlling Children; Parents Fear Of Losing Control Unveiled?

Parenting tips on how to implement control on their children.

Why God Would Not Send His Sons To Oxford

Family Life  25 July '16

Parenting And The Problem of Evil: Why God Would Never Send His Sons To Oxford

These philosophers have laid the essentials of perfect parenting. But their ideas of perfect parenting were differently perceived and met negatively.

Hypno-Parenting; The Newest Parenting Style

Behavior  23 July '16

Hypno-Parenting: Hypnotism As A New Parenting Style

When all other parenting styles become ineffectivve, hypnotism may take their place, a professional claims. Introducing, hypno-parenting.

Family Life  19 July '16

‘Off-Grid Parenting’: Why Some Parents Prefer This Parenting Style

This couple goes beyond mainstream parenting. But their "Off-Grid Parenting" is rather effective.

Germany Debates Expanding Parental Leave

Development  19 July '16

Parenting Tips: How Parents Should Fix Dinner And Bedtime For Children Who Doesn't Like Both

This article would help you manage your child's dinner and bedtime habits.

Boot Camp For First Time Dads

Infant  18 July '16

'Boot Camp For New Dads': It’s Not Baby Sitting, It’s Called Parenting

Looking after a new-born child may appear twice as difficult as it seems. But for these first-time dads, attending classes in a bootcamp is the solution.

Parenting 101: 5 Essential Things You Must Teach Your Toddlers Before They Reach 5

Development  16 July '16

Parenting 101 For Toddlers: 5 Essential Things You Must Teach Your Toddlers Before They Reach 5

Parents should teach their toddler values and right conduct while they are still in their formative years.

Teams Of Scientists Work Behind The Scenes At The European Space Agency

Behavior  14 July '16

Parenting Tips: New Study Claims That Your Parenting Style Could Affect Your Child's Work Ethics In The Future

Work ethic is a result of a good parenting style that a child experienced from his folks growing up.

Bedtime Should Be A Parenting Priority

School Age  13 July '16

PTSD and Parenting: Bedtime With Children Becomes A Parenting Priority, Decreases The Effects Of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

From the perspective of a medical professional, bedtime should be given top priority. It is in this most special time where parents can effectively connect with their kids.

Rio De Janeiro Hosts Annual Carnival Celebrations

Development  12 July '16

Parenting Tips: What You Need To Know About Your Child's Sleeping Habits

Is your child doing well with his sleeping habits? Know the right amount of sleep they need growing up.

A Happy Dutch Child

Toddler  5 July '16

Why Dutch Children Are The Happiest In The World

After Mihal Greener moved to the Netherlands with her 3-year-old child, she found out why Dutch children are the happiest kids in the world.

Kids Attend Camp For Attention Deficit Disorders

Health  27 June '16

Parenting Tips: Signs And Symptoms That Your Child Might Have ADHD

Want to know if your kid has ADHD? Here are the signs that you should be aware of.

Federal Budget Expected To Reveal Welfare Cuts And Tax Increases

Relationship  25 June '16

Parenting Tips & Guides: How To Overcome The Struggle Of Parents In Rearing Children

Raising children is not an easy task for parents. Here are some tips and guides that can help parents prevail over parental hurdles.

Hot Summer Forecast For The UK

Puberty  24 June '16

New Study Claims Obesity In Adulthood Is Due To Parents Who Are Mean And Teenagers Who Are Taught To Be Insecure About Their Food

If you ever wonder why there are a lot of female adults who are suffering from obesity these days? Here is your answer.

New Food Label Requirements Listing Trans Fat and Allergens Take Effect

Health  23 June '16

Parenting Tips & Updates: Do Not Tolerate Your Child's Food Allergies, Pros and Cons To Consider in Reducing Health Risk

Parenting tips on how to prevent food allergies in children.

Students Throughout The UK Receive Their A Level Results

Development  22 June '16

Parenting Tips: Not Listening To Parenting Experts Would Be Your Best Bet In Raising Children?

What if we tell you that you don't need the experts in parenting to handle your kids? Learn the details here.

Germany To Face Shortage Of Child Day Care Centers

Family Life  21 June '16

Parenting Tips: New Study Claims Couples With Kids Are Not Happy Compared To Those Without Children

Social scientists say that couples who have kids are not happy and those who don't have offsprings are happier.

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