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Premiere Of Bleecker Street Media's 'The Last Word' - Red Carpet

News  7 March '17

Amanda Seyfried Pregnant: Actress Admits It's 'Hard To Feel Beautiful' With Baby Weight, Swears By Maternity Jeans

The "Mean Girl" actress is going to be a first-time mom with future husband Thomas Sadoski.

Celine Dion

News  24 February '17

Celine Dion Gives Advice To Beyonce About Raising Twins, Calls Having Two Kids At Once A Double Blessing

The "My Heart Will Go On" singer's twin boys, Eddy and Nelson Angelil, are now six.

Beyonce Pregnant With Twins Grammys Performance 2017 - VIDEO

News  23 February '17

Are Beyonce, Adele Glorifying Pregnancy Or Motherhood? Journo Chastises Celebrity Moms

Are famous mothers' experiences any different than non-celebrity moms?

Ciara On Motherhood: ‘Having My Son Has Changed My Life’

News  23 February '17

Ciara Pregnancy 2017: What Has She Learned From Motherhood So Far? Singer Hints Second Baby's Gender

The singer is expected to welcome her new baby with husband Russell Wilson any time now.


News  2 February '17

Beyonce Announces She Has Two Buns In The Oven, Talks About Heartbreak Over Miscarriage

The multi-awarded singer and husband Jay-Z will soon welcome twin babies.


News  2 February '17

Ciara Talks About Her Babies: Pregnancy, New Album And Gushes Over Very Supportive Husband Russell Wilson

The singer is expecting her second child and a new album release.

Protestors Rally At JFK Airport Against Muslim Immigration Ban

Pregnancy  1 February '17

Donald Trump Muslim Ban: Missouri Mom Could Give Birth Without Iraqi Husband Who Can't Enter US

Rachel Adrian and Hoger Ameen are awaiting the birth of Aland, their first-born, but the father who is stuck in Iraq might not even get to see him.

Pregnant woman

Health  31 January '17

Pregnancy In Older Women: How To Prepare Your Body And Mind For Having A Baby

Keeping one's body healthy is the number one requirement for getting pregnant.

5 Unusual Pregnancy Cravings

Opinion  27 January '17

A Mom's Confessions On Pregnancy Cravings

It helps to be spiritual when one is pregnant. Ironically, though, some pregnant women turn too unspiritual in relation to their cravings.

Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy  18 January '17

New Research Says More Sex Means Healthier Pregnancy, Increase Chances Of Getting Pregnant For Couples Undergoing IVF

A new research claims that more sex could lead to healthier pregnancies.

Hong Kong Marks Handover Anniversary

Health  10 January '17

Researchers Dig Into The Credibility Of Morning Sickness Pills

New research and studies are subjected towards finding out whether morning sickness pills are indeed effective.

Thousands Meet For 2nd Ecumenical Kirchentag

Health  10 January '17

Heartburn Pills Taken During Pregnancy Has Potential Links To Asthma In Children

A third of children born to moms who have taken medication for acid reflux management have apparently sought asthma treatments.

Lifestyle During Pregnancy

Growing Baby  7 January '17

Can Pregnant Women Sleep Better At Night?

Pregnancy is a challenge and it can cause a complete change in woman's routine. However, few simple steps can help achieve a peaceful sleep.

Keenan Cahill & Ciara Perform In Honor Of National Teen Pregnancy Awareness Month

Pregnancy  4 January '17

Teenage Pregnancy Christian Program Expanding In Ohio

Teenage pregnancy has gone rampant and Ohio is putting efforts to help out those in need.

Lauren Conrad

News  2 January '17

Lauren Conrad Expecting First Baby With Husband William Tell, Announces Great News On Instagram

Lauren Conrad is going to be a mother for the first time.

False Pregnancy

Pregnancy  25 December '16

How To Deal With False Pregnancy

A false pregnancy is also known as a phantom pregnancy, or by the clinical term pseudocyesis. It’s an uncommon condition that causes a woman to believe she’s pregnant. She’ll even have many classic symptoms of pregnancy.

Type 2 Diabetes Complications and Kidney Disease (Renal Failure)

Pregnancy  24 December '16

Poor Pregnancy Results Can Be Related To Past Kidney Problems:

The risk of preeclampsia and other pregnancy complications may be greater for expectant mothers who have a history of acute kidney injury, a new study finds.

Keenan Cahill & Ciara Perform In Honor Of National Teen Pregnancy Awareness Month

Behavior  24 December '16

Why Parents Are Warned About The 'September Baby' Phenomenon

What parents need to know about "September Baby."

US Population Nears 300 Million Mark

Health  20 December '16

Pregnancy Alters Women's Brain In Preparation For Motherhood

A woman's brain changes, as it goes through pregnancy.

Anti-Abortion Activists March In Washington

Mind  20 December '16

Being Denied Getting An Abortion Could Possibly Cause Mental Illness Than Abortion Itself, New Study

Contrary to popular belief, abortion doesn't affect the mental health of a person but being denied to have one could.

3rd Annual essie Emmy Retreat At The Hotel Bel-Air

Pregnancy  20 December '16

How To Deal With Pregnant Women Who Are Not Enjoying Pregnancy

Understanding pregnant women.

Ban on 20-week abortion approved in Ohio

Pregnancy  18 December '16

Ohio 20-Week Abortion Ban Approved

The Governor of Ohio has approved a bill that would ban abortion for 20-week fetus. However, the heartbeat bill was vetoed for fear of backlash.

New York City Council Votes On E-Cigarette Ban

Health  15 December '16

The Shocking Truth About The Dangers Of E-Cigarettes To Pregnant Women

Know why e-cigs are dangerous for pregnant women.

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