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The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Daughter, sleeping

Health  15 December '16

How Long Should Women Wait To Get Pregnant Again After A Miscarriage? Find Out The Most Amazing Answer

Only about 1% of women will have two or more miscarriages, as it usually happens once. How long then should women wait to get pregnant again and avoid another miscarriage?

How to Prevent Pregnancy without Birth Control

Pregnancy  14 December '16

Women Getting Judged For Pregnancy Matters May Hold Them Back To Make Better Choices

Choices that pertain to pregnancy and contraception attract a lot of public attention, most the bad kind of attention.

Exercises in Preparation for Delivery for 7-9 months pregnant

Pregnancy  14 December '16

Some Facts About Exercising During Pregnancy

Exercise may be considered healthy but during pregnancy, it's more adverse to a woman's health.

Pregnancy Guide for Dummies

Health/Nutrition  13 December '16

A Blog About Pregnancy: An Insight Of The Journey

Early days of pregnancy filled with caution and a long list of food and activity guidelines.

Breast-Feeding mother

Postpartum  13 December '16

New Study Reveals That Six Months Maternity Leave Is Not Enough For New Mothers To Fully Recover

New studies reveal that 6 months maternity leave is not enough for woman's body to recover after childbirth.

U.S. Supreme Court Issues Major Opinions On Abortion And Gun Rights

Health  11 December '16

What Texas Needs To Know In Its Epic Battle Against Abortion

In Texas, women who are contemplating on abortion are distributed with leaflets. FInd out why.

Introducing Amazon Echo

Family Life  9 December '16

Pregnancy And Parenting Advice: Amazon Alexa Launches What To Expect Skill To Aid Parents

The digital age has made parenting more streamlined, thanks to all these smart devices!

US Population Nears 300 Million Mark

Pregnancy  8 December '16

Hope For The Future Of IVF

Success stories for in vitreo fertilization have largely been minimal. Now Science has discovered something important that might increase the rate of successful IVF.

Three Common Infertility Causes And How Women Can Overcome Them

Fertility  7 December '16

Three Common Infertility Causes And How Women Can Overcome Them

Infertility is “a disease of the reproductive system defined by the failure to achieve a clinical pregnancy after 12 months or more of regular unprotected sexual intercourse.

Immigrant Respite Center Aids Families Seeking Asylum In U.S.

Health  5 December '16

New Research Finds No Link Between Flu And Autism During Pregnancy

Scientists found no relation when a pregnant mom has influenza during her pregnancy with the baby possibly having ASD.

What To Do When Faced With Breech Pregnancy

Pregnancy  5 December '16

Having A Breech Pregnancy? What To Do

A pregnant woman cannot easily tell if she is having breech pregnancy so it is important to see a doctor regularly.

Getting Rid Of Pregnancy Complications

Pregnancy  30 November '16

Jillian Michaels Partakes On How Women Can Have Healthy Pregnancies

It’s true that being pregnant is a miracle but neglecting your body while you’re at it is a no-no. There are many ways to stay fit while having a healthy pregnancy.

Nuclear Transfer Pregnancy Technique Detailed

Fertility  29 November '16

Everything Women Have To Know About Freezing Their Egg And How Much It Costs

Thinking of preserving your eggs for future pregnancy? Here are your answers.

Children Head Back To School In Chicago

Health  27 November '16

Premature Babies And Postterm Babies Deliver Academic Future At Stake?

Recent studies have shown that there is a detrimental effect for babies in their future academic performance when they are born pre-term or post-term.

Protests Continue As Wisconsin Budget Impasse Drags On

Health  27 November '16

Experts Say Pregnant Couples Experiencing Insomnia Is Much More Common, Here's Why

Statistics show that insomnia and other sleeping disorders tend to be much more common during pregnancy and that there are a lot of factors relating to that condition.

Puerto Rico Battles Zika Virus

Pregnancy  26 November '16

Coping With Abdominal Pain During Pregnancy

Learn the causes of abdominal pain during pregnancy and find out whether your symptoms are normal or require immediate attention from your doctor.

Republican Candidate Donald Trump Takes Part In Televised Town Hall In Green Bay

Body  25 November '16

Prosecutors Get Invention On Abortion: Getting Jailed For Terminating Pregnancy

Donald Trump has flirted with punishing women for their abortions. But some already are prosecuted under a variety of laws in what is murky legal territory

Rate Of Uninsured In Miami Neighborhood Is Over 50 Percent

Health  25 November '16

Lying On One's Back During Pregnancy Causes Stillbirth Risk

Recent studies have shown that lying on one's back during late pregnancy actually increases the risk of stillbirth.

Getting Pregnant At An Old Age

News  25 November '16

Why This Star Is Pregnant At 50

Social media was surprised about the superstar Janet Jackson getting pregnant in such age. Her parents were proud of her while some of her sisters and brothers were kind of not on the same route as her parents are, although what the situation she’s in, for her it is still a blessing. And a source reported that the name of the baby would have something to do with Michael.

Jennifer Lopez

News  24 November '16

One Great Mom: Jennifer Lopez Being Fabulous And Classy During Her Labor With Her Kids

Being pregnant makes a great difference to a girl’s appearance but to Jennifer Lopez being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t still be sexy and fab.

Another World First: Learn One Miraculous Surgery That Saved An Unborn Baby’s Life

Pregnancy  24 November '16

Another World First: Learn One Miraculous Surgery That Saved An Unborn Baby’s Life

Katie Rice undergoes surgery while pregnant and her baby Tucker becomes the world’s first fetal heart tumor surgery survivor.

Puerto Rico Battles Zika Virus

Pregnancy  23 November '16

Does Pregnancy Hinder Ambition And Career-Orientedness?

Eleven percent of women reported being dismissed and made redundant that they had to leave once they became pregnant or returned to work after a baby.

Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Love Story Latest Update:

Dads  22 November '16

Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Divorce Update: 'Batman' Star Not Giving Up On Marriage, Expecting Fourth Child Together?

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were rumored to be having a baby in order to save their marriage. The "Batman" star and "Miracles From Heaven" actress were seen attending a couple's therapy recently.

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