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Same-sex marriage

Issues  13 April '17

NC Proposes Bill Banning Same-Sex Marriage Amid Economic Turmoil Of Transgender Bathroom Bill

North Carolina proposed a bill banning same-sex marriage in the state.

Same-sex marriage

Teens/Young Adults  22 February '17

Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage Has Another Positive Effect: Decreasing Suicide Rate Of LGBT Teens

After the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in the United States, it was recorded that there was a decrease in the suicide rate of teenagers.

Parenting: Court Ruling Suggests Same-Gender Parents Should Not Have Equal Rights With Biological Parents

Family Life  14 December '16

Parenting: Court Ruling Suggest Same-Gender Parents Should Not Have Equal Rights With Biological Parents

Highest Arkansas court rules that same-gender parents could not be granted the right to appear as parents in birth certificates of children.

First Australian Gay Couple Married In New Zealand

TV/ Movie  31 August '16

‘Married At First Sight’ Season 3 Couple Breaks Rule? Met Before The Show; First Gay Couple Receives Backlash

"Married At First Sight" first same-sex couple Andy and Craig have a little secret.

Mormons Protests Church's New Ruling Against Children Of Same-Sex Couples

Sports  10 August '16

LGBT Making History In Rio Olympics 2016: First Married Gay Couple Play Hockey Together, Women's Rugby Player Gets Proposal From Girlfriend

In this year's Olympic games, LGBT couples are making a mark for celebrating love and showing everyone that love wins all the time. The first same sex married couple is part of England's hockey team and a Brazilian rugby player got proposed to by her girlfriend at the stadium.

South Korean Transsexual Star Harisu Meets Fans In Changchun

Family Life  16 April '16

Gay Movement: China Catching Up Despite Legal Challenges

Gay movement is catching fire in China with attention being directed to same-sex marriage and workplace discrimination cases.

Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Gay Marriage

Family Life  27 June '15

LGBT News: Supreme Court Rules Same Sex Marriage Legal in the U.S -- Best Celebrity Reactions

The United States Supreme Court laid down a landmark decision in human history Friday, when it declared that same sex couples can now marry nationwide, CNN reported.


Family Life  16 June '15

Same-Sex Marriage Found to Have No Negative Effect in Child Development, Study Shows

Study revealed that same-sex parenting has no negative influence to children. In fact, children from homosexual parents experience "no difference" on a range of social and behavioral outcomes compared to children of heterosexual or single parents


Parenting  11 June '15

Same-Sex Adoption: Parents from Singapore Answer Critics, Posts 'A Letter To Our Favorite Hate Group' [Read]

A same-sex couple shared a blog post, entitled "A Letter to Our Favourite Hate Group," in response to netizens who criticized their family after reading their blog that's being shared on a homophobic Facebook page, entitled "We are against Pinkdot Singapore" (WAAPD).

Same-sex wedding

Family Life  4 April '14

Judge plans to strike Ohio same-sex marriage ban

A federal judge said on Friday that Ohio's ban on recognizing the marriages of same-sex couples wed outside the state was unconstitutional and would be struck down later this month.

Rainbow flag

Family Life  31 March '14

Gays more popular than evangelicals: Poll

Gays are more popular than evangelicals, according to a poll commissioned by an American LGBT rights group.

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