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Emmy Rossum Praises Single Moms

Moms  29 April '17

Emmy Rossum Praises Single Moms In Moving Essay, Says Her Own Mother 'Was Always Enough'

Emmy Rossum had just two encounters with her dad in her entire life with a single mom raising her.

Biological Dads Impact More Lasting Than Stepdads

Dads  30 March '17

Biological Father Vs. Stepfather: Children Of Single Moms Grow Up More Well-Adjusted When Birth Dad Is Present, Study Says

The study experts also learned a stepfather's impact on a child bore little significance compared to the birth dad.

Wilson College Undergraduate Program

College Success  23 November '16

Kids Now Welcome to Live with Single Parents in School's Dorm Rooms: Degrees Easier To Achieve

College degrees are now made more attainable than ever for single parents. More schools are opening their classrooms and even their housings for single parents and their kids. Wilson College started their own program in 2008 and now has 38 degree-holders.

California Embryo Bank Provides Donated Eggs For Stem Cell Research

Fertility  5 July '16

Test Tube Babies Grow Up Well-Adjusted With Solo Mom, But Still Ask Why They Have No Dad, Says Study

The study involved solo moms with IVF children between the ages of 4 to 9 years old.

Single mom actress, Katie Holmes.

Family Life  18 May '15

Single Parenting May Damage Health Reveals Study; Remarrying is a Healthy Option

For moms who are single parents, you may want to look out for your health. As reported in Today.com, studies found women who single parent are at high risk for developing health problems.

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