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$8 Million-Worth Secret Shelter For Domestic Violence Victims Opens In New York

Issues  6 May '17

$8 Million-Worth Secret Shelter For Domestic Violence Victims Opens In New York

Equipped with 48 beds, conference rooms, private lounges, playrooms and even a place for pets, the Shill Family Building is open to operate for victims of violence.

Aids Day Is Marked Around The World

School  26 December '16

Students With HIV Concerns Excluded, US DOJ Rules Arkansas School District Violated Federal Act

The barring of the students happened over three years ago and now an official ruling against the school has been determined.

Convicted Murderers Escape From New York State Prison

School  10 July '16

America’s Criminal Justice Reform & Recidivism Problem: New York Prison Inmates Provided With Ivy League Education

Taconic Correctional Facility in Bedford Hills, New York has sought the help of professors from Ivy League universities as part of its prisoners' rehabilitation program. One of the subjects being taught is philosophy.

North Carolina Clashes With U.S. Over New Public Restroom Law

Politics  7 July '16

Thirteen-State Coalition Steps Up The Legal Fight Against Obama’s Transgender Bathroom Policy

The 13-state coalition has asked a federal court in Texas to stop the Obama transgender bathroom policy's enforcement while the lawsuit is ongoing. Texas AG Ken Paxton said the Obama administration is equating the term "sex" with "gender identity" in federal laws.

ICE Detains And Deports Undocumented Immigrants From Arizona

School  21 June '16

America’s Recidivism Problem Will Be Fixed Through Prison Education Programs

Prisoners who were released back into society are in danger of recidivism or re-entering jail due to their lack of education, skills and work experience. The U.S. government is working on fixing this by introducing correctional education programs.

Controversial Cyber Bill Leaked In Cambodia

Teens/Young Adults  27 May '16

More Children And Teenagers Are Being Forced Into 'Sextortion' By Online Sexual Predators

Sexual predators are taking advantage of the internet's popularity by using social media apps to blackmail children and teenagers. Victims are being forced by perpetrators into sending explicit photos and videos.

Valentine's Day Group Wedding Held At Palm Beach County Clerk's Office

Family Life  20 May '16

Being Married Prevents People From Turning Into Alcoholics

Scared of commitments? Here are the health and social benefits of marriage than can make you change your mind.

Germany To Expand Child Day Care Hours With KitaPlus Initiative

News  11 February '16

Slavery In Modern Times: Houston Couple Allegedly Enslaved 38-Year Old Nanny For Two Years

A Houston couple was charged with forced labor after "enslaving" a 38-year old nanny for two years without pay and under abusive conditions.

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