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NZ Prepares For Release Of Budget

Health  1 May '16

'Meternity' Author Meghann Foye Believes All Women Should Get Paid Maternity Leave -- Regardless If They're Pregnant Or Not

Meghann Foye argued that all women -- not just pregnant ones -- should have paid maternity leaves. The author said that this time off will improve women's work/life balance.

Yahoo Set To Invest $20 Million In Snapchat

Dads  30 April '16

Snapchat Makes Record Of 10 Billion Daily Views For Videos

Breaking viewing records for its video content, Snapchat is becoming a trend in the social media industry as it tries to compete with big players like Facebook and Twitter.

Global Warming Imapcts On Australian Antarctic Territory

Music.Art.STEM  29 April '16

Hidden Liquid Freshwater Lake Found Under A 62-Mile-Long Ice Sheet In Antarctica

Another hidden subglacial lake was found in Antarctica. Though presumed large by experts, it is only second in size compared to Lake Vostok -- the biggest subglacial lake in the icy continent.

Rio De Janeiro Celebrates New Year's

Puberty  29 April '16

Sex Education Among Teenagers Drop; Gene That Determines When You Will Lose Your Virginity Found

Genes influence when people will lose their virginity. British researchers found that the gene pattern, aside from influencing early sex, also provides risk-taking behavior and puberty.

Children's Hospital Class Aims To Help Youth With Obesity Issues

Health/Nutrition  29 April '16

Childhood Obesity: Did US First Lady Michelle Obama’s ‘Let’s Move’ Campaign Fail To Combat Increasing Rates Of Overweight And Obese Children In America?

A new study recently revealed alarming findings on childhood obesity rates in the United States. Researchers found severe obesity is still on the rise nationwide.

Flowers 002

Toddler  27 April '16

Toddlers: Is It Important For Toddlers To Identify Their Gender Preference at the Age of 4?

Experts suggest that toddlers should established their gender identity at the age of four.

Cyber Attack On South Korea Traced To China

School  26 April '16

Cybersecurity Education Still Poor In The United States

Proper education on cybersecurity is needed by the universities in the United States to fight cybercriminals with the intent of hacking and getting vital information of other people.

The Solar Eclipse Is Observed In Asia

Music.Art.STEM  25 April '16

Total Solar Eclipse That Would Blacken Continental United States To Happen In 2017

Astronomers say The Great American Eclipse will occur again on August 21, 2017. When it does, a total solar eclipse will be felt across Continental United States.

Britons Most Obese In Europe

Health/Nutrition  25 April '16

Study: Obesity Links To 11 Types Of Cancer Including Stomach Cancer

A new study links alcohol, procecessed meat, smoking and obesity to stomach cancer.

People's March For Climate Justice And Jobs Takes Place Ahead Of COP 21

Music.Art.STEM  22 April '16

Earth Day 2016: US Among Countries Signing Paris Agreement To Reduce Global Warming & Fight Climate Change

The Paris agreement brings almost 200 leaders around the world for this year's Earth Day. In line with the pact, the nations will pledge their commitments to reduce climate change and its repercussions to the people.

Britain Enjoys Late Summer Heatwave

Health/Nutrition  21 April '16

Life Expectancy For White Women In US Dips

The decline in the life expectancy of white females in the United States was attributed to diseases, suicide and drug problems.

Southern California Continues to Battle Air Pollution

Health/Nutrition  20 April '16

California's Air Pollution Reduction Benefits Children's Respiratory Health

Living in California is now safer. Thanks to stricter regulations, children have lower risks of developing lung disorders due to better air quality in the state.

An Initiative To Legalize Marijuana In California To Appear On Nov. Ballot

Health/Nutrition  19 April '16

Pennsylvania Governor Signs Bill Legalizing Medical Marijuana

Pennsylvania is the 24th state in the US to legalize the use of medical marijuana. Bill proponents claim this as a victory for patients who now have access to the drug.

Leading Gem And Jewelry Companies Hold Job Fair In New York

Education  15 April '16

New York City To Offer More Summer Job Opportunities To High School Students

New York City high school students could soon secure their dream summer jobs as a new proposal for youth employment reform has gained traction in the Big Apple.

London Black Cab Drivers To Protest Over Uber Taxis

Family Life  14 April '16

Women-Exclusive Ride Sharing Service Gives Uber Stiff Competition

There is now a ride-sharing application which is just for women to address sexual harassment of female passengers and drivers.

National Bullying Helpline Under Pressure Over Downing Street Allegations

School  14 April '16

Punishing Bullies Cannot Entirely Solve Bullying

The root causes of bullying should first be addressed to eventually solve this problem in the community.

University Students Celebrate Their Graduation

School  11 April '16

US Students Prefers College Education Overseas

The rising cost of education in the United States and the goal of having international experience are the two main reasons why American students prefer to study abroad.

A Country Doctor Serves Rural Communities

Health/Nutrition  9 April '16

How To Avoid Heart Disease? 5 Simple Steps To Prevent A Heart Attack

Heart disease has been a long problem of the many, to prevent yourself of having the condition, follow these simple steps.

iPhone SE/iPad Pro 9.7 inch Launch In Tokyo

Dads  7 April '16

iPhone SE Announced: Specs, Features and Price

The announcement of the new iPhone SE has got the public really excited since the new phone comes in a smaller size but has the power and functions of an iPhone 6s.

Rare 'Super Bloom' Of Wildflowers Occurs In California Desert After Heavy Rain Falls

Health/Nutrition  5 April '16

Global Warming Linked to Public Health Risks, White House Says

The worsening global warming is also increasing health risks for people all around the globe, a recent report of the White House revealed.

Bloomberg's Ban On Large Sodas Debated In Court, As New Report Details Diabetes Deaths In City At A High

Health/Nutrition  2 April '16

Expect More Obese People By 2025

There will be more obese people by 2025. The world is now challenged on how to resolve this epidemic before it is too late.

Senator Dick Durbin Tours New Healthy Lunch In Schools Program

Parenting  25 March '16

ADHD vs. Immaturity: Young Children in School May Have Other Reasons for Being Overly Active, Study Says

David Anderson, the senior director of the ADHD and Behavior Disorders Center at the New York-based Child Mind Institute said that there may be other explanation as to why children are behaving hyperactively in school.


Parenting  24 March '16

Uninsured Parents Should Be Aware That Their Insurance Can Cover Their Children

Oftentimes, parents don't understand that their children may be qualified for a health insurance.

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