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Hillary Clinton Holds Primary Night Event In Brooklyn, New York

Dads  9 June '16

What Does Hillary Clinton's Presidential Nomination Mean for Women Around the World?

Hillary Clinton is now the presumptive presidential nominee for the Democratic party of the United States of America, but is America ready for their first female president?

Nintendo Heads East To Let Fans Play The Best Games Of PAX, Present And Future

Games  9 June '16

'Pokemon Go' News & Update: Evolution Requires Candies; Beta Invitation Sent Out

According to reports, the beta invitations for "Pokemon Go" is already sent out. Meanwhile, the Pokemon evolution will now be using candies.

Lighten up Brooklyn Campaign to Lose Weight

Body  9 June '16

Obesity Has Become More Prevalent In American Women, New Study Reveals

Unlike the prevalence in their male counterparts which have stayed the same, the prevalence of obesity among American women has gone up.

In Sharp Increase Over Last Year, Over Half Of Adults In U.S. Own Smartphones

Family Life  7 June '16

Dangers Of Smartphone Dependence: Parents Obsessed With Their Smartphones Incapable Of Thwarting Their Children’s Accidents

Many parents have been engrossed with their smartphones when their child had an accident or nearly had one. And it's not just children; users are also in danger of being in an accident when they are distracted with their gadgets while in public.

A new large-scale study in Hong Kong reveals that early puberty in girls increased their risk of depression.

Puberty  7 June '16

Girls Who Enter Puberty Early Are At Higher Risk Of Depression

An analysis of 8,327 children born in Hong Kong in 1997 found that teen girls who experience early puberty are at greater risk of depression.

Egg Prices Rise 40 Percent After Major Salmonella Outbreak

Food  6 June '16

Stay Off The Birds: Live Poultry Linked To Salmonella Outbreak in 35 US States

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a health warning following the recent salmonella outbreak in 35 states. CDC officials have warned people against coming into direct contact with live poultry such as chicks and ducklings.

AirAllé Treatment

Health  5 June '16

AirAlle: The Latest Medical Advancement That Can Completely Eradicate Head Lice

AirAlle came up with a harmful chemical free treatment that can eradicate head lice.

Berlin Construction Boom Continues

School Age  3 June '16

Decline of Play Caused an Increase on Mental Health Disorders Among Children

Researchers reveal that children who doesn't have enough time to play are at risk of developing mental health disorders.

As Thousands Of Schools Close, One Struggles To Stay On

Health  2 June '16

Research: Concussions In American Children Possibly Underreported

New research has suggested that concussions in children in America have not been reported accurately.

Nintendo Heads East To Let Fans Play The Best Games Of PAX, Present And Future

Games  2 June '16

'Pokemon Go' Release Date, News & Update: Beta Testing In The US Begins; Title Coming Out This Month?

According to new reports, "Pokemon Go" could be arriving this month.

Beijing Issues Red Alert On Air Pollution For The First Time

Body  1 June '16

Air Pollution Among The Causes Of High Blood Pressure

Some countries in the world are making progress in decreasing their air pollution levels, but other nations are still falling behind. A new report found that high smog levels can cause high blood pressure.

The Dalai Lama Receives An Honorary Degree In New York

School  31 May '16

AAPI Students Want 'Model Minority' Stereotype Debunked; White House Answers With An Initiative Specifying Data On AAPI Subgroups

The U.S. Department of Education finally started an initiative that will fund gathering and analyzing new data about Asian student subgroups, in order to know and attend to their specific needs.

New York City Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina Holds News Conference At A Brooklyn School

Bilingual  30 May '16

Bilingual Education In The US: How The Benefits Of Teaching Two Languages Extend Beyond Schools

The U.S. is seeing the benefits of dual-language programs. Learning English and other languages side-by-side can benefit students in the future, serving as their advantage in the work force.


School  30 May '16

Obama Administration To Safeguard The Rights of LGBT Students

Equal rights are being imposed among school campuses in the United States. It is important to mold kids in a way that they will not discriminate other people.

Health Workers Test And Spray For Mosquitos As Texas Prepares For Zika Virus

Pregnancy  28 May '16

Zika Virus in the United States Drastically Increased by 13 Percent

Zika virus in the United States made a drastic increase since the outbreak. Pregnant women should remain vigilant as it can greatly affect the unborn child.

New England Towns Struggle With Opioid And Heroin Epidemic

Health/Nutrition  28 May '16

Opioid Addiction: Mismanagement Of Drugs Leads To Abuse

Opioid abuse brings dangers to the health and lives of users. The simple drug treatment of pain is usually abused and leads to dependence of a user.

Dollars Value Declines Further Against Foreign Currencies

School  26 May '16

Women & People Of Color Are Experiencing Shocking Pay Gap After Graduating From College

Pay gaps affect women and people of color. Unequal compensation is usually due to employers being biased and workplace discrimination.

New York City Pride 2015 - March

Family Life  26 May '16

South Korea Says No To LGBTs: Court Rejects Same-Sex Marriage Case Of Film Director

LGBT South Koreans do not enjoy the same freedom offered to their Western counterparts. Same-sex marriage is still illegal in South Korea, and gays tend to keep a low profile to avoid condemnation from society.

Brazil Faces New Health Epidemic As Mosquito-Borne Zika Virus Spreads Rapidly

Health  25 May '16

Zika Virus News & Updates: Fears Mounting As Experts Worry Zika Is Causing Eye Damage In Babies

Zika already causes microcephaly in babies affected by the virus. A recent report found that eye damages can be also one of the health issues Zika-affected infants are facing.

Marijuana Smokers Celebrate The Plant's Unofficial 4/20 Holiday

School  25 May '16

Marijuana News Update: 25 Kids Will Be Going to College Because of Marijuana

25 college scholarship in Colorado were given to eligible students. The money to fund their scholarship was from the state's marijuana tax.

Miami Health Care Clinic Treats Patients

Health/Nutrition  25 May '16

American Families Have To Spend More Than $25,000 For Health Care This Year

Health care costs in the U.S. have gone beyond $25,000 this year. That increase is the first time health care costs have tripled since 2001.

Humanitarian Aid Is Distributed To Displaced Iraqis In Duhok

School  24 May '16

Ending The Wheel Of Violence: Education Fund Worth $3.85B For Children In Warzones To Be Launched

Billions of emergency funds will go to the education of children affected by wartime violence, disease outbreaks and natural disasters. Global and national organizations have teamed up to help these kids return to school.

Tracy Paul & Co Presents Pokemon Afternoon Soiree

Games  23 May '16

'Pokemon Go' Release Date, News & Update: Beta Testing Available In US; Title Coming Out This Summer?

Niantic Lab announced that field testing for "Pokemon Go" is expanding in the U.S. Meanwhile, there are rumors that the title will be released this summer.

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