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University of Texas stabbing incident

Children  2 May '17

Random Stabbing Attack At University Of Texas' Austin Campus Leaves One Dead, 3 Injured

One student died and three more suffered from injuries after a stabbing incident at the Austin campus of University of Texas.

The Supreme Court Hears Hears Affirmative Action Case Regarding Admissions To Texas University

College Success  24 June '16

Fisher Vs. University of Texas Case: Supreme Court Has Made A Decision Once Again, School Issued A Statement

Supreme court has made a decision once again on the Fisher case with Univeristy of Texas. The school president issued a statement regarding the court's decision

Tens Of Thousands Killed In China Earthquake

Family Life  9 June '16

Child Discipline Methods: Are Hitting And Spanking The Most Effective Forms Of Child Discipline? Parents Weigh In

Parents think having children is the biggest joy of their lives, but it doesn't necessarily mean it's easy. Parents resort to spanking when they have no other choice or if they didn't know what other forms of punishment to use.

The Wellcome Collections Unveils Their New Exhibition Brains

Mind  20 May '16

Don’t Retire Soon: Keeping Busy Is Linked To Better Cognitive Functions Later In Life

Being busy can bring benefits to your cognitive functions later in life.

Serbian Authorities Process Migrants As They Make Their Way Through Europe

Toddler  28 April '16

Is It Okay To Spank Children? 5-Decade Research Says No

A comprehensive study on spanking shows that the popular disciplinary action causes more bad than good to a child's overall development.

Villagers Evacuated As Mount Sinabung Eruptions Continue

Music.Art.STEM  20 April '16

Worst North Korea Volcano Mount Paektu At The Brink Of Eruption

Scientists are worried of the global catastrophe that Mount Paektu will bring in light of reports of volcanic activity.

Gaza Clinic Deals With Effects Of Diet Deficiencies

Pregnancy  9 March '16

Children of Vitamin D-Deficient Mothers Have Greater Risk of Developing Multiple Sclerosis

Medical researchers found that the lack of sufficient vitamin D levels in pregnant women increases their child's risk of developing multiple sclerosis as they get older.

Teen smoking marijuana

News  27 February '16

Smoking Marijuana Early in Life Can Affect Brain Development, Study Reveals

Smoking marijuana early can have a profound effect on brain development.

DNA Evidence Assist In ID of LA Suspected Killer

Family Life  21 October '15

Men Don't Like It When Women Outsmart Them

It might appear great for women to accomplish every dream they have and achieve every goal they set, but a study says men are intimidated by women who outsmart them.

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