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Riley Hancey

Children  25 April '17

Utah Man Refused Of Lung Transplant Dies Over The Weekend

A Utah man did not get a new set of lungs in his home state and when he got one in Pennsylvania, things did not turn out well leading to his death.

Appeals Court Rules State Ban Adoption For Gays Unconstitutional

Development  19 October '16

Surviving Life In Foster Care: Why Children In Foster Care Are Vulnerable To Depression, Learning Disabilities, Obesity & Asthma

A new study found that children in the United States who have been in foster care have higher risks of mental and physical health problems such as obesity, asthma, depression, and learning disabilities such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD. In 2014, more than 650,000 children in the U.S. were in foster care.

Flu Shot Season

Health  4 May '16

Benefits Of Flu Vaccination During Pregnancy: Vaccine Protects Both Mom & Infant From Virus, Study Finds

Discover how getting a flu shot while pregnant can protect the life of both the mom and the baby.


Health/Nutrition  12 January '16

Moms Of Twins Are More Likely To Live Longer According To Research; More Details Here

Find out more details about the study and read why moms of twins live longer.

Medical X-Ray imaging

Parenting  14 July '15

US Hospitals Often Miss Signs of Child Abuse, Adherence to Screening Guidelines Vary

A new study suggests that hospital personnel failed to conduct proper skeletal surveys on infants and toddlers with injuries associated with abuse despite the procedure's accuracy in determining these cases. The result shows that only half of abused children were evaluated for occult fracture.

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