'Tired Mom' Costume: This 7-Year-Old Kid Dresses Up As Every Mom's Horrific Reality For Halloween

By Olivia Etienne / Nov 01, 2016 08:37 PM EDT

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Puffy eyes with dark circles, spit ups all over the clothes, messy hair unshowered for days--all these are nightmares for moms. Aptly, one brilliant Indianan mother obliged to this as an inspiration for her seven-year-old kid, and it was the most honest reminder of every mom's petrifying reality.

Jessica Griffin dressed up her daughter, Lainie, as a worn-out mom for a Halloween party, says Huffington Post. Apparently, for her daughter, it seemed that every mom's usual get-up is scary enough for Halloween. Jessica shared to the publication that it was her daughter's idea to be dressed like a sleepless mom.

Lainie went off in a pink pair of ensemble commonly worn by on-the-go moms--the classic sweater and sweat pants pair--with baby vomits across her shoulder. Lainie also had enormous eye bags which are so promiscuous and all too accurate. The mother of five shared she used brown eyeshadow to make the infamous mom eyes even more realistic.

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The second-grader capped off her realistic tired mom costume with two babies closely kept to her. One is being held, while the other is creeping along her leg.

"Having five children at home, it gets expensive buying costumes from the store and they're so cheaply made. We like to try to come up with ideas where we can make our own," Jessica shared to the publication. Luckily, her creative effort became highly appreciated when a friend of Jessica posted a picture of Lainie on Facebook. Over 180,000 reactions were garnered since the image has been uploaded on Oct. 29.

Per a Daily Mail report, thousands of Facebook users lauded the Griffins' creativity. One commenter even said that even Lainie's expression was faithful to her Halloween costume. Another mom admitted that she feels like Lainie, except for the messy bun which she doesn't even have time to make in the first place.

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