'Fate Of The Furious' Actress Charlize Theron Says Having Kids Is Good For Her OCD

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald April 14, 04:00 am

"Fate of the Furious" actress Charlize Theron used to be anxious because of her Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Since having kids, however, the actress claimed motherhood helped eased her symptoms.

Theron told Ellen DeGeneres on her show she usually doesn't buy her kids any glitter even if they like it. As any parent knows, glitter is hard to clean up which doesn't bid well for the actress' OCD.

Somehow, however, glitter seeps through their home and she realizes those come from her daughter's princess dresses, as per 9Honey. The "Mad Max Fury" star says she forced herself to adjust to this minor irk for the sake of her children, son Jackson, 5, and daughter August, 1.

"My kids definitely help me be less anxious about a lot of that stuff," Theron said, as per E! News. The actress also used to have some rooms at home that were off-limits and pristine, but that's not the case now with two young kids.

Theron acknowledged she's lucky to have a house with children who make a lot of mess. What's even more special for her was her children get along so well and they love each other even if they are not blood-related. Theron adopted son Jackson in 2012, while she welcomed daughter August in 2015 via adoption as well.

"I didn't grow up with siblings and so I had no idea the beauty that siblings have with each other," Theron said, as per Us Weekly. She added she loves witnessing her children bond every day. "They're so in love with each other, it's really beautiful."

Theron, a single mother, admitted she has some help raising two children but every morning is her time alone with Jackson and August. The Oscar-winning actress revealed she's not considering adopting any more children for now. She also hinted dating is not a priority for her even as her friends tried to set her up.

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