8-Year-Old Sneaks Family Van, Drives To McDonald's With Younger Sister For Cheeseburger

By Olivia Etienne, Parent Herald April 14, 08:15 am

Could kids really go the extra mile just to get what they want? Well, an 8-year-old went almost twice as farther when he tagged along his younger sister and drove all the way to McDonald's 1.5 miles away, all for the love of cheeseburger.

Local police in East Palestine, Ohio received reports of an eight-year-old boy spotted driving a van without adult supervision. Patrolman on duty, Jacob Koehler, told Weirton Daily Times that witnesses saw the gradeschooler at 8 p.m., and seamlessly drove with his four-year-old sister in tow.

Several witnesses got held in their seats as the eight-year-old maneuvered the vehicle, and much to everyone's amazement, the duo landed perfectly safe at the nearest McDonald's. The little boy even obeyed traffic rules — he stopped at red signs and carefully speeded at a safe rate until they reached their destination.

Crew at McDonald's also stood as witnesses to the eight-year-old's adventure. Most of them thought that it was all a prank, as they believed the parents were only hiding at the back of the car.

The parents, apparently, were left at home, without any knowledge that the elder sibling discretely took the keys and snuck all the way to the fast food chain. Koehler said the parents slept after a long day of playing outside with the kids that Sunday.

Koehler said that the rambunctious lad admitted that it was his first time to drive a car. He said he learned how to drive through YouTube videos. Nonetheless, everyone was impressed just as much as they were scared.

East Palestine resident Regis Steiner said that the boy's quick joyride was a bit funny but more than that, it was something horrifying. "It is kind of funny," Steiner told WKBN First News. "But being a parent, it would be kind of scary knowing your 8-year-old son went down through the middle of town and took his 4-year-old sister in your van."

Koehler added that not a single thing was hit and it was "unreal." The boy eventually bawled into tears and said that all he just wanted is to get a cheeseburger.

At the end of the day, the pair got their cheeseburger, chicken nuggets and fries before their grandparents took them to the police station. The siblings received no offense from authorities despite the misadventure, but it looks like someone will be grounded for an indefinite amount of time.

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