Parental Nudity: Why Experts Recommend It & When Is The Best Time To Stop Doing It

Science has spoken regarding the hotly debated issue on whether or not parents should immediately stop being naked in front of their kids. So, what do specialists have to say about parental nudity?

Experts suggest that roaming around naked as the kid grows can be a positive thing and this wholesome nudity can be best for their child's development. According to Romper, there are multitudes of study to support this claim and researchers found out that children exposed to parental nudity actually benefited from it.

Dr. Lynn Fraley, a Washington-based therapist, told the publication that children who saw their parents stripped to the buff exuded greater acceptance of love and affection. These children were also more likely to grow up with higher self-esteem compared to children deprived of parental nudity, a study concurred.

Parents, particularly the mothers, can also make the most out of these naked moments as learning opportunities for young girls. Considering how powerful media affects an individual's perception, being into the raw opens up girls' consciousness of what a woman's body truly is.

Everyone now lives in the golden era of Photoshop and superficiality, and this can gravely affect a child's perception of body image. According to Kids Health, family members can influence self-esteem as much as media images and outside influences. Hence, being naked can teach kids that real body image can be flawed and come in different shapes and sizes.

"Hiding behind towels and generally feeling discomfort with your body will absolutely affect the way your children perceive themselves," Fraley said. "If you are ashamed of your nakedness, how can you expect your children to feel good and embrace theirs?"

Inevitably, there will come a time that kids will feel awkward looking at their parents being butt-naked, and that is completely normal. At the time when they start to cringe at the sight of their folk's bare skin, parents can take that as the child's cue that they are not comfortable with what they see anymore. If the kids tell parents to wrap up in clothes, then it can be a sign that the child's perspective is maturing.

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