What Parents Need To Know About Discussing Opioid With Kids

By Abbie Kraft, Parent Herald April 18, 11:49 pm

Opioid epidemic took its toll as thousands have already died due to overdose. With the increasing number of death related to painkillers, parents should take the time to consider educating their children when it comes to opiates.

Drug abuse has become a problem over the years. As per The National Institute of Drug Abuse, opioid and prescription drug addiction have a significant impact on the teenage population. Prescription drugs such as opioids, ADHD medication and anti-anxiety drugs are highly abused by young adults. With the numbers at stake, parents are advised to be keen on explaining opioid consumption and abuse.

Parents are encouraged to take time and consider the dangers of the medication as early as possible. Tina Muller, a program manager for the family wellness department, explains that parents can open up to their kids about drug consumption as early as preschool, according to U.S. News.

"One way you can broach the subject when they are young without explicitly diving into opioids is by using vitamins as an example," Muller explained. "When you give your children vitamins, explain to them that vitamins are good for you and will help you to grow up to be big and strong, but they can also be harmful if you take too many. This will start the understanding that while medicine can be helpful, it can also be harmful if taken in wrong amounts or in the wrong way."

Parents would sometimes feel uncomfortable when it comes to drug-related conversation. Kids Health website provided parents some guidelines when it comes to the opioid-related cover station and the dangers of drugs, stressing the importance of considering the child's age bracket when sensitive and important issues are being discussed.

Honesty is often highlighted when it comes to discussing sensitive topics. Young children are finding it hard to understand the concept of drug abuse and the possible consequences, which highlighted the importance of giving out concrete examples.

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