Beyonce Pregnant With Twins: 'Lemonade' Singer Gets Fat-Shamed, Responds Like A Queen [PHOTOS]

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald April 23, 04:00 am

Even Beyonce, who is pregnant with twins, doesn't get a break from fat-shamers. Her fans, however, rally behind her to tell these critics off and Queen Bey sends a subtle response as well.

The "Lemonade" singer recently stepped out in public with her husband Jay Z months after announcing they're expecting again. Paparazzi caught Beyonce getting inside a car as she left a birthday party. After her photos circulated online, the fat-shamers got busy on Twitter, as per Chron.

They noted Beyonce got "swollen" and "obese," as per Mirror. Her fans, however, came full force to shame the fat-shamers and pointed out the obvious: a pregnant woman, more so someone having twins like Beyonce, do gain weight. Revelist posted a few exchanges between fat-shamers and Beyonce fans on the social media platform.

The act of fat-shaming pregnant celebrities no longer surprises on social media and in the tabloids. Kelly Clarkson, Adele, Hillary Duff, Alyssa Milano and Christina Aguilera experienced fat-shaming while pregnant but they all shrugged it off and embraced their growing and changing body, as per Baby Center.

Without directly addressing her shamers, Beyonce instead chose the high road and responded like a queen. She posted a new photo of herself on Instagram while wearing a "fabulous outfit," as per New York Magazine. Lately, the "Formation" singer's Instagram feed featured a documentation of the progress of her pregnancy, much to her fans' delight.

A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on Apr 21, 2017 at 10:25pm PDT

Meanwhile, sources revealed Beyonce, Jay Z and their eldest child Blue Ivy had to temporarily move out of their Beverly Hills mansion following a health scare. Inspectors were called to their house to check on molds that Beyonce thought could be bad for her babies. The family checked into a hotel as workers dealt with the problem at home, as per Celebrity Insider.

Beyonce is due to deliver her twins sometime in the summer. No word yet on the gender of her babies but fans earlier speculated she was having boys based on a photo she posted on Instagram last March.

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