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Pregnant Beyonce Prepares Birth

Moms  8 May '17

Pregnant Beyoncé Prepares For Birth, Rents Place Nearer Hospital

Beyonce and Jay Z have been looking for a house in Los Angeles for some time now with the new babies' arrival.

Beyoncé Pregnant With Twins: How The 'Formation' Singer Changes Black Maternal Health & Perception

Moms  1 May '17

Beyoncé Pregnant With Twins: How The 'Formation' Singer Changes Black Maternal Health And Perception

Beyoncé proved she can be a catalyst for change, specifically on how the society should see black pregnant women like her.

Beyonce Formation Scholarship

Parenting  27 April '17

Beyoncé's Formation Scholarship: 4 Female Students To Receive Free College Education; Michelle Obama Commends Beyoncé

Beyoncé launched her Formation Scholarship on Monday, April 24. She will pick four female students as beneficiaries.

New Relationship Markers On The Rise: Overpriced Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands Now Out Of Trend

Issues  24 April '17

New Relationship Markers On The Rise: Overpriced Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands Now Out Of Trend

Considering how much an engagement ring and wedding bank can cost, more couples skip the jewelry and turn to bank-friendly cohabiting and tattooing as relationship markers.

Beyonce Fat-Shamed For Being Pregnant With Twins

Moms  23 April '17

Beyonce Pregnant With Twins: 'Lemonade' Singer Gets Fat-Shamed, Responds Like A Queen [PHOTOS]

Fat-shamers didn't seem to get why Beyonce, who is pregnant with twins, gained some weight.

Beyoncé Shows Off Her Maternity Style On Instagram

Pregnancy  3 April '17

Beyoncé's Maternity Style: Queen B Nails Dressing A Baby Bump With These Best Looks [PHOTOS]

In February, Beyoncé announced her second pregnancy on social media and she's using the same platform to showcase her maternity style, much to the enjoyment of her followers.


Teens/Young Adults  28 March '17

Beyonce FaceTimes With Houston Fan Who Has Cancer; Teen Succumbs To Disease Days Later

A teenager suffering from cancer died just days after she talked with Beyonce.

Beyonce Keeps Fit Via SoulCycle

Pregnancy  13 March '17

Beyonce's Pregnancy Workout Routine Involves An Intense Cycling Class; How Safe Is SoulCycle For Pregnancy?

Here's what fitness trainers have to say about Beyonce joining SoulCycle classes.

Celine Dion

News  24 February '17

Celine Dion Gives Advice To Beyonce About Raising Twins, Calls Having Two Kids At Once A Double Blessing

The "My Heart Will Go On" singer's twin boys, Eddy and Nelson Angelil, are now six.

Beyonce Pregnant With Twins Grammys Performance 2017 - VIDEO

News  23 February '17

Are Beyonce, Adele Glorifying Pregnancy Or Motherhood? Journo Chastises Celebrity Moms

Are famous mothers' experiences any different than non-celebrity moms?

Beyonce Is Having Twins

Fertility  16 February '17

Beyonce, Amal Clooney Twin Pregnancies: Older Women Have Higher Chances Of Conceiving Twins, Expert Say

The celebrities have not confirmed whether they underwent IVF but experts say the procedure might not be necessary.


News  2 February '17

Beyonce Announces She Has Two Buns In The Oven, Talks About Heartbreak Over Miscarriage

The multi-awarded singer and husband Jay-Z will soon welcome twin babies.

Beyonce Cosmetology Center Unveiling At Phoenix House

News  24 January '17

Beyoncé Breaks Silence To Gush Over & Discuss Mom Tina Knowles In Rare Interview

Beyoncé and little sister Solange shared their sentiments about their mother who surrounded them in beauty and art.

Kanye West Is Not Happy With Beyoncé & Jay Z. And Many Of His Fans Are Not Happy With Him

Celebrity Daddy(Soft News)  22 November '16

What's With Kanye West Ranting Beyoncé & Jay Z Onstage? Personal Or Political?

Kanye West rants Beyoncé & Jay Z during his concert, including Hillary Clinton, then cancelled the show prompting fans to hate him.

Beyonce's Husband Jay-Z Facing Lawsuit? Prince Record Label NPG Records Is Suing Tidal's Unauthorized Streaming Of The Late Singer's Hits

Dads  18 November '16

Beyonce, Jay-Z News & Updates: Jay-Z Facing Lawsuit Over Unauthorized Streaming Of Prince Hits

The famous rapper-businessman Jay-Z and his Tidal music streaming service are in big trouble for the unauthorized streaming of Prince's hits.

'Beyonce' Cries With Blue Ivy Over Trump's - Wants Michelle Obama For President In 2020,

Dads  14 November '16

Beyonce Fears For Blue Ivy After Donald Trump's Victory; Wants Michelle Obama As President In 2020?

Beyonce cries while holding daughter Blue Ivy after Donald Trump won as the new U.S. President. Is she planning a Michelle Obama for president campaign in 2020?

The latest internet fad, the Mannequin Challenge

Dads  8 November '16

The Mannequin Challenge: Celebrities Join The Newest Internet Craze

The Mannequin Challenge is keeping every one busy and creative to try and make their own version, even celebrities and sports teams join in.

Beyonce & Her Barbie Family| Halloween 2016 | Lehren Hollywood

Celebrity Moms  3 November '16

Beyoncé's Family Is A Perfect Collection Of Barbie: Find Out Why Their Halloween Costume Is The Best

Beyonce's family wears the best Halloween Costume ever. Beyonce acted as Barbie, her husband as Ken and her daughter wearing all Barbie theme.

Beyonce And Dixie Chicks On The 50th Annual CMA Awards - Show

TV/ Movie  3 November '16

Beyonce And Dixie Chicks In A Stellar Performance At Country Music Awards

A spectacular treat! Beyonce’s surprise appearance wows the crowd as she collaborates with Dixie Chicks in a breathtaking performance during the Country Music Awards.

Destiny's Child Reunion?

Dads  30 October '16

Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland, & Michelle Williams Planning For A Reunion?, Destiny's Child Official Instagram Account Gains Thousands of Followers

Destiny's Child fourth photo uploaded on Instagram! Are we expecting a reunion from Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams? We all can't wait to find out.

Beyonce Dead Reports

Dads  28 October '16

Beyonce Death Hoax Update: 'Lemonade' Star Quickly Moves On From Death Reports; Family Not Bothered?

According to reports, Beyonce has quickly moved on from the dead reports involving her. The family of the "Lemonade" star who knows her true condition is not bothered with the reports either.

Destiny’s Child Singer Kelly Rowland Shares That She and Other Singers Are Close; Is There a Reunion Coming Soon?

null  27 October '16

Destiny’s Child Singer Kelly Rowland Shares That She and Other Singers Are Close; Is There a Reunion Coming Soon?

Every fan of the hit girl group of the 90’s is so ready for their get together. Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland hinted at a reunion with Michelle Williams and Beyonce, and fans are freaking out!

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