How To Stop Newborn From Crying? Dad Does One Sound And It Works Like Magic In Seconds

One of the most tiring things parents do for their newborn would be soothing them. Newborns cry a lot. One father, however, discovered a trick that made his parenting life so far without a sweat.

Daniel Eisenman took to Facebook to share his trick in making his newborn daughter, Divina, stop crying. The San Diego, Calif. dad chanted "om" in long variations and in a matter of seconds, his newborn magically stopped crying every time.

The new father told Good Housekeeping that he chanted om even before Divina was born. Eisenman also said that they played a YouTube video of Thai Buddhist monks chanting during the time his wife gives birth to Divina.

Hence, sounding off an om in attempt to soothe his newborn would be a reasonable thing to try. Not surprisingly, it worked for Divina a few days after her birth.

Eisenman also said his daughter loved the sound of it. "It has made my life much easier as a parent, and I'd recommend it to other parents," Eisenman said.

Om, touted as the "sound of the universe," stems from Hinduism. The sound carried a profound meaning that became the foundation of a plethora of religious beliefs, Huffington Post reported.

As for why it provided relaxation, which also explained why yoga teachers chant it most of the time, the om sound resonates a calming vibration. Founder of Kripalu's Institute for Extraordinary Living, Stephen Cope, said that the vibrations from om sound calm the nervous system.

"The power of the OOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM... vibration calm baby and dad, change the energy flow," one user commented in Eisenman's video according to NDTV. "We used to do this with our son on those nights when it seemed like nothing else was working. It came very intuitively, for whatever reason, and typically calmed him within a couple of minutes," said another.

Eisenman's series of videos posted on his Facebook account proved that the om sound worked not just because of luck. As of writing, one of his videos already reached an astounding 35 million views.

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