This Mom's Cheesecake Rant Has Gone Viral, And It's Easy To Understand Why

By Tanya Diente, Parent Herald June 06, 08:51 pm

Moms who have a lot on their plate can definitely empathize with Kim Copeland, the owner and baker behind Pittsburg, Texas' Flora Dee's, whose rant about a customer has now gone viral.

Viral Rant

Copeland got a taste of fame after her daughter uploaded a video of her rant on Twitter. In the clip, the baker complained about a customer named Ginger, who frustratingly sent confusing texts about her cheesecake order.

In the viral video, Copeland starts by reading a message from Ginger about a confusing text. Then she looks at the camera and questions what the woman meant. She curses and yells she asks what Ginger's text message means. 

The busy mom says that she tried to clarify with the customer whether she should hold the cake for her or not. Copeland says that she volunteered to drop off the order but Ginger replied that she is "in the country," which confuses Copeland even more.

"My car drives to the country and the city. It goes all the way to freakin' Dallas, Ginger. Do you want the fucking cheesecake? That's all I wanna know," Copeland explains in exasperation.

The baker then explains why she does not have time to entertain Ginger's "stupid messages." She shows how busy she is with other orders. She opens her fridge and shows that she has other cakes to make. Copeland even shows the personal cheesecake she could drop off for Ginger if only she would make her order clear.

Positive Response

Copeland's daughter later explained that someone else got Ginger's cake. She also answered a few DM's about her mother's business, including that she does not ship cakes and can only cater to orders within 60 miles of Pittsburg.

The video has now racked up 4 million views as of this writing. According to the daughter, the rant does not seem to have a negative effect on the business. In fact, people gave positive responses and Copeland received more cake orders.

"I think for the most part she loves it, but both of us were overwhelmed at first," Copeland's daughter revealed.

The mom's Instagram blew up because of her viral rant. Her daughter said she was getting messages nonstop. People have reportedly been so kind with their messages of support. 

Copeland later revealed that Ginger is a nice person and that she never wanted to hurt her feelings. She admitted that her rant was just a "moment" she was having.

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