Five-Year-Old Utah Boy Caught Driving His Mom's Car to Buy A Lamborghini

A five-year-old Utah boy got into the car of his mom. He attempted to drive it to California because he and his mom got into an argument for refusing to buy him a Lamborghini, so he decided to buy one for himself.

A Highway Patrol Caught the Utah Boy

Approximately five minutes after he started driving off, he was stopped by a Utah Highway Patrol trooper who told him to pull over on the freeway on Monday at around noon time. In a dash-cam video, the SUV boy is seen driving as he weaves across the cars and semi-trucks in the freeway whizzing past the vehicle.

The trooper asked the kid's age, and the kid answered, saying that he is five years old. Then the trooper asked him how he learned to drive a car. The boy explained that he left his home in Ogden because he got into an argument with his mom for not buying him a Lamborghini, the highway patrol tweeted.

Five-Year-Old Utah Boy
(Photo : Twitter/UTHighwayPatrol)
The five-year-old Utah boy that drove the car of his mom got caught by the Utah Highway Patrol.

The boy Wants to Buy Lamborghini with Only $3 in His Wallet

In the same tweet, the trooper said that the child decided to drive his mom's car and go to California to buy a sports car for himself. He added that the child had $3 in his wallet and might have been short on the purchase amount. Depending on the model, a luxurious sports car usually starts at $200,000.

When trooper Rick Morgan pulled over the car, he thought that he would find an impaired driver instead of a five-year-old child, said the Highway Patrol Lt. Nick Street to NBC affiliate KSL in Salt Lake City. 

When he approached the SUV, Morgan saw that the kid was sitting on the edge of the driver's seat so that he could reach the pedal. He added that the child could not even reach the headrest with his height. 

KSL reported that the little boy only drove for five minutes from their house up to the freeway. The Highway Patrol said that he helped the child get into the park, turned off the engine, and then looked for ways to contact his parents.

The Trooper Tried to Contact the Boy's Parents

Finally, the trooper was able to contact the boy's family, where they said that both the kid's parents were working and just left the kid to a sibling's care. 

Street said that even though no property was damaged and no one was hurt, the child's parents could still face some charges. He said that he is counting the blessings. Still, a high-risk situation could happen during that five minutes drive and jeopardize other people's lives so they would have to talk to the county attorney to see what charges should be filed or screened against the five-year-old Utah boy's parents. 

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