Children's Passwords: Parents' Monitoring or Security?

Passwords in social networking accounts or other online platforms are kept and guarded all the time. One of the most common discussions among parents and children is whether passwords should be known to parents, or should children keep their passwords.

Nowadays, there are a lot of activities that already involve logging on platforms available on the Internet.

Even children need to log in to distance learning platforms or sometimes even create social media accounts. 

In the discussions involving the question of whether parents should know and control their children's passwords, the issues on privacy, identity, and reputation are raised.

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Is it too much monitoring or enough security?

According to an article by the Interaxion Group, knowing a child's password may indicate two things, one is keeping children secured, and the other is that kids may feel they are being monitored too much.

Children's Passwords: Parents' Monitoring or Security?
(Photo: Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels)
Children's Passwords: Parents' Monitoring or Security?

Some children, especially teenagers, would like to exercise their privacy. That is why when parents try to look into their activities online, they sometimes feel that they are being monitored too much.

Although there are also arguments that parents having their children's password is a way to keep them secured, an article from Interaxion Group explains that parents should understand that they are not supposed to spy on their children.

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What could be sacrificed if parents have the passwords of their children?

According to The Conversation, passwords are like identity to children, and it teaches children the concept of privacy. A child's concept of identity is strengthened; they feel they have a stronger sense of control. 

Also, several studies have proven that personal identities of children may be impacted by access to children's passwords. That is because, in the kind of era where we live today, digital identities are attached to one's existence.

Children's Passwords: Parents' Monitoring or Security?
(Photo: Photo by Julia M Cameron from Pexels)
Children's Passwords: Parents' Monitoring or Security?

In terms of distance learning and educational technology, passwords of children must be safely secured. According to a recent study, at least 24.5 million records have been leaked in the United States' public schools since 2005. This study means that there is an increased risk of identity abuses in children's accounts, along with data breaches.

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So what should parents do?

Experts say that parents should observe the thin line between protecting their children and intruding on their personal lives. However, it is not enough that parents are observing the line; they should never cross it as well.

In the article from The Conversation, they also explained that parents should keep in mind that the interests of the youth are different from the parents. 

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