How to Get Rid of Mice: 9 Ways to Eliminate Them Naturally

How to get rid of mice at home is not that easy as a little bit of food source could attract this pest into living with you. One wrong move of letting them smell something good left behind at night is sure to invite them over into enjoying the meal you just had for dinner. 

Having them over is not that bad if they would quietly warm themselves up inside your house. However, some have attitudes that destroy your favorite things. Worry no more! Here are 9 ways to eliminate them naturally. 

Remove any food source

Make sure that there is nothing left for them to fill up their stomachs. They would never want to stay in places where there is nothing to find to feed their young ones. 

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No nesting materials

Store away all soft, fluffy materials like rugs, fabric, and blankets. Keep papers, cardboards, and lightweight plastics from lying around so they could not find any place to hide. 

Close all entry points

Mice can get through any small holes or cracks. Seal them away so they could not feel that they are welcome into your home. National Pest Management Association spokeswoman, Cindy Mannes, said that using steel wool and caulk to cover up entry ports is effective. She noted that mice could not eat through them. 

how to get rid of mice, ways to eliminate them
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Cut shrubs and branches

Mannes said that mice and insects get into your home through the shrubs and tree branches, so it would be better to cut them off. Make sure to keep stacks of firewood about 20 feet away from your house. 

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Use cat litter boxes 

The smell of cat urine is enough to keep those pests at bay. Place used cat litter boxes around the house to scare them away. 

Scatter herbs all over

Mice hate the smell of certain herbs that could be in your kitchen. Peppermint oil, pepper, cayenne pepper, and cloves all make them go away. Leave cotton balls soaked in these oils to make them go away. 

Ammonia smell

Much like cat urine, ammonia would smell like a predator is coming. Leave plastic bottle caps filled with ammonia, preferably in places where mice would likely enter. Make sure to keep them away from young children and pets.

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Use mousetraps

There are traps that once the mice get in, it could not get out. Once they get caught, you could let them out into the woods away from your home so they could find elsewhere to live. Check the trap at least once a day, as dead mice would smell bad. 

Use electronic zaps

Mice hate the sound of an electronic unit that produces a beeping sound. Do not worry as the sound does not affect dogs and cats. You could buy them from hardware stores. 

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