A Pregnant Woman Was Allegedly Burned Alive Inside Her Car by the Baby's Father

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A pregnant woman burned alive together with a man after being tied up and was ablaze in a car by a group. The married father of the pregnant woman is one of the people in the said group. It was said that the motive of the married boyfriend of the pregnant woman burned alive, was that she refused to have an abortion. 

The pregnant woman

Ellen Priscia Ferreira da Silva, 24 years old, was the 4 months pregnant woman burned alive, and the person who got burned with her in her car was Ely Carlos do Santos, 39 years old. They were found inside their charred car that had been doused in petrol in Brazil on October 17. 

Reports said that the family members were able to identify the bodies after they have recognized that the burnt-out car belonged to da Silva's mother. 

It has also been revealed that 4 people have been arrested in connection with the deaths - 3 men aged 19, 35, and 38, and a 36-year-old woman. The 19 years old and the woman have confessed. On the other hand, the other two men refused the allegations and have denied their involvement. 

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The suspects to the crime

Investigator Paulo de Tarso, the one leading the investigation of the pregnant woman burned alive, said that one of the suspects, the 38 years old man, had impregnated da Silva four months ago before her grueling death. And what's more, is the fact that the man in question was already married to another woman. 

The officer said that the case of the pregnant woman burned alive amounted to a premeditated or a crime that was thought out or planned, thus, a very cruel crime committed. 

And what makes the case even more complicated, the wife of the 38 years old suspect and father of the child of the pregnant woman burned alive, was also pregnant. The wife confessed that she was also behind the burning of the four months pregnant woman. 

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The potential motives

There were 3 possible and potential motives behind this heinous and violent crime - revenge, crime of passion, and drug debt. de Tarso said that Ellen da Silva and Ely Carson, the pregnant woman burned alive and her companion in the car ride, may have been in debt to a drug dealer who was also arrested.

The officer added that da Silva refused to abort the child that was a product of an affair. Their teams also found out that the car of the apparent father traveled to the scene where da Silva was burned alive. 

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Confessing to the crime

At first, this man said to the cops that he was also attacked the day  of the crime and that to save his own life and not suffer the same fate, he pretended to faint. But after this statement, the man changed his story and said that he just faked it and that he injured himself on purpose while he was on drugs. 

He said that the man knew the people who were burned alive as they took drugs together. On the other hand, another teen was a suspect involved in the crime as he was reportedly the one who poured the petrol on the victims. 

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