Man Travels 4,000 Miles to Marry Woman Who Liked His Photo

A man marries a woman who liked his photo holding a cat on a Facebook group. He traveled 4,000 miles just to be together with the love of his life.

In October 2019, Adam Lawrence connected with Anna Hosey after the woman liked his photo. He held his friend's cat and took a photo with it. He posted the photo in the "This Cat Is Chonky" group, which caught the attention of Hosey.

She called him cute

The 26-year-old woman commented that Lawrence's photo is "cute." After that, the 29-year-old man sent a message to Hosey. After the two exchanged messages and calls for two months, the British man decided to fly to America to meet Hosey.

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Since then, the duo has dated long-distance, but since Lawrence's next visit to the States has been canceled, his hairstylist beau decided to book a flight to meet him once the border opened in July 2020.

Brit engaged to a woman he travelled 4,000 miles to meet – after she liked his photo of a ‘chonky’ cat on Facebook -... Posted by real fix on Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Moving in

Lawrence proposed to Hosey after the American woman moved in with him for lockdown. Just one year after they first met, the two are happily engaged. The graphic designer explained that he decided to propose to Hosey because he knew his girlfriend was leaving.

He said he wanted their relationship to continue, so he immediately proposed to Hosey. The British man also shared that his friends and family all love his girlfriend too. He explained that he usually does not date, so when he introduced Hosey to everyone, they were amazed.

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The people in Lawrence's life told him that they should try and make their relationship work. The 29-year-old said that they have talked about getting married many times, but they have not yet finalized it.

Lawrence said that initially, he planned to do it on London Bridge. But since Hosey did not want it to happen in a busy place, the duo decided to wait further. The man shared that they had a nice day in Camden, so he proposed to his girlfriend in the room.

The Chicago woman did not hesitate to say her yes. She explained that when the proposal happened, she was not completely surprised, but what excited her the most was becoming official about their future. She said that they felt like affirming what they wanted to do in the future.

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Love at first phone call

From the duo's very first phone call, they already got hooked with each other. Hosey said that they started sending music back and forth because they are both passionate about music. She also said that they had deep, meaningful conversations that lasted them five hours on the phone call.

The woman also remembered telling her friends about her boyfriend. She does not know why, but she felt like she was going to marry him. The two are looking forward to getting married next year in London. Hosey is looking to move into the UK full time to be with Lawrence.

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