Texas Mom Who Just Gave Birth to Her First Girl Died Unexpectedly

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Texas Mom, who just gave birth to her first girl, died unexpectedly. The 39-year-old Texas mom had ten kids, and her youngest child is the first girl she had.

Sonya Harlow died eleven days after giving birth to her first girl.

She and her husband, Spencer Harlow, have ten children. Some of these kids were from their previous marriages. 

The first girl

According to Spencer, their baby girl was named Eliyanah on November 5. Spencer and Sonya consider this baby girl as their answered prayer.

In an interview with Bluebonnet News, the Texas dad said, "She had all boys before this and she prayed for a girl."

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The complications during the Texas mom's pregnancy

The family disclosed that Sonya experienced complications.

During her pregnancy, she was no longer able to work. She had health issues like high blood pressure.

Mom and baby return home

A few days after giving birth, the Texas mom and baby went home. Everything seems fine, according to Spencer. However, on November 16, at around 2 in the morning, Spencer woke up and saw that his wife was in distress.

He said, "I rolled over and could see she was dying." Spencer performed CPR until the paramedics arrive. He told a news outlet, "But she had flatlined by then. It was too late."

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The mom died unexpectedly

The results of the autopsy are not released yet. However, Spencer thinks that the mom died unexpectedly due to a post-partum medical emergency.

Because Sonya had all boys, Spencer shared that his wife was looking forward to taking care of their daughter.

Spencer describes his partner as loving, caring, and kind. He said, "She was the most beautiful woman I've ever known. She was so vibrant and full of life."

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The Go Fund Me campaign

The family does not have enough resources for the Texas mom's funeral. Spencer said that it would be quite a challenge for their family, especially since the mom died unexpectedly. That is why Sonya's best friend, Nancy Leger Davie, thought of putting up a Go Fund Me campaign to cover Sonya's funeral expenses.

The expected cost of the funeral is around 10,000 US Dollars. The outpouring of support of friends and strangers made the goal of the Go Fund Me page achieved.

As of writing, the campaign has already raised almost 42,000 US Dollars.

Davie shared on the page, "I want to thank everyone on behalf of her family! Her husband is very overwhelmed by all the donations and everyone's generosity. This money will be such a blessing to her family."

The campaign is still open for donations until the day after Sonya's funeral.

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