Mom Converts Adult Daughter's Room into Walk-in-Wardrobe

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Mom converts her adult daughter's room into a walk-in-wardrobe

Most young adults fear that their childhood room will be turned into a gym or a dumping ground for all of their household junk when they move out of their parents' house.

Luckily for this stylish mom's adult daughters, their childhood rooms will not be turned like a gym or a dumping ground. Their room will be turned into a lavish and fashionable walk-in-wardrobe that their mom had always wanted to have. 

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The idea of the walk-in-wardrobe

Jackie Brown, a mother of three, said that her adult daughters moving out meant that she could finally build the walk-in-wardrobe that she so long dreamed of having. 

Jackie shared photos of her walk-in-wardrobe to various Facebook groups. Her walk-in-wardrobe, which she now shares with her youngest daughter, is mostly grey with some trendy pops of pink. 

She said that when her adult daughters moved out, she now had an empty spare room. And since she always wanted a dressing room or a walk-in-wardrobe of herself, she turned it into one and shared it with her 21 years old daughter.

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The design

Her walk-in-wardrobe is complete with a marble effect dressing table, floor-length flower mirror, and a jewelry station. It looks like something straight out of the pages of an interiors magazine. 

To keep the costs down, Jackie and her adult daughter upcycled furniture that they already have and bought basic ones from IKEA in which they made sure to personalize to fit their walk-in-wardrobe. 

Jackie said that all the furniture in the room were either second hand or upcycled. The flower mirror was an old mirror wardrobe door, and the dressing table mirror was from another old wardrobe with attached lights. She said that the only things they bought in IKEA were shelves and other accessories. 

The lining on the ceiling with fairy lights was also made and prepared by the mom and daughter. The stylish tandem also put their handbags and heels on display, along with some of their new Pandora shopping bags. 

Aside from their furniture, they also have open closet space and chests of drawers that line the room. Behind their dressing table is a whole section solely for their shoes and seasonal clothing packed away in boxes. 

Netizens' reactions

Other members of the Facebook group were blown away by the level of detail that modern tandem had put in. Jackie's post has even reached and has over 2,000 likes. 

Some people commented on how Jackie and her adult daughter's dressing room looks so glorious and how their room is the dream. 

They also said that it looked amazing and was a job well done for the mother and daughter for perfectly organizing the good stuff rather than buying new ones. 

Comments were positive; all of them admired their work and said that it is beautiful and loved it. They were only proving that it does not need that much money to have something stylish and fancy. 

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