Every Mom’s Struggle: Toddler Wants to Hang out While in the Loo! [VIRAL]

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A viral video shows every mom's struggle. The mom says her toddler wants to hangout while she is in the loo!

It is known that once someone becomes a mom and has a baby, their time for themselves will all be dedicated to their little one.

Being a mother also means accepting the fact that your time for yourself is also a time for your child.

The time that we are talking about is not those spa days or strolls with friends. We are talking about the simple act of going to the bathroom and doing your business there in peace. That is a common mom's struggle, which was captured by a viral video on TikTok.

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The situation when in the loo

There is something about the sight of a closed bathroom door that makes a child desperate for attention. A mom's funny viral video showed this, as well as the reality of trying to go to the toilet with a toddler at home, a common mom's struggle and so relatable.

The mother who made the viral video of a mom's struggle with the username @sciensbich escaped from her toddler to go to the toilet, hoping for a little peace and quiet while she goes to do her business. But, her toddler would not let her and has other ideas in mind.

The viral video

In the viral video, it can be heard that her child, who is on the other side of the toilet door, wanted to see her mom "poop". In which in return, the mom asked her child, "You want to watch me poop?", clearly amused and slightly annoyed.

   @sciensbich “Can I watch you go poop?” ##momlife ##fyp ##foryourpage ##beingtwo ##poopisfunny ##imneveralone  ♬ original sound - Sciensbich     


When the mother asked her toddler why he would want to do such a thing, the toddler answered with, "because". Another addition to mom's struggle, hearing their kids reason out with a single word of 'because'.

The mom keeps on saying no to her child, but her child keeps on insisting that it is crucial to watch his mom.

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Moms share their struggles

The viral video has now over 3.2 million views, clearly showing how relatable it is for mothers worldwide. Users are even calling it the most relatable video that they have ever seen on social media.

Funny stories were shared because of the said viral video showing every mom's struggle.

A user even shared that the funny thing is that children do want to see their mothers poop. Another one shared that her son is nine years old, and she still can't go to the toilet in peace. She said that her son wants to knock on the door and ask a series of questions.

One mom said that her daughter tries to open the door by pretending that she has candy. Another mom shared her experience with her kids, where they always seemed to ask if she was in the toilet even after she just told them that she was going inside.

On the other hand, some people on the platform said that they should enjoy it while it lasts. That is because when their children act like they can't stand them anymore, they should show them their videos asking their moms to let them watch them poop.

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