Girl Donates Birthday Money to Homeless Man After He Returned Her Grandma's Wallet

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A girl donates all her birthday money to a homeless man after he returned grandma's missing wallet. She decided to pay back the selfless man who did not take advantage of the situation even though he had been homeless for five years.

Evelyn Topper had likely dropped her wallet when she was in a San Rafael, California, local coffee shop she patronizes with her granddaughter, Mikayla Gounard. However, she did not realize it went missing until when they reached home.

Upset because all her cards were gone

The grandma was upset because, besides her debit and credit cards, her medical cards were gone too. Topper got a call the next day, which put her at ease. Behind the coffee shop, Sean Curry found her wallet in a dumpster.

Thankfully, all the contents of the wallet were intact except for the cash. Although he was homeless for five years, Curry did not take advantage of the situation. Instead, he had gone out of his way to return the wallet to its owner.

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The homeless man reached out to make plans on how to return Topper's wallet. The grandma described Curry's action as "mitzvah," which meant in Jewish tradition that a person with a good heart did a good deed because it is the right thing to do.

A person with a good heart

For Curry, what he did was not out of the ordinary. During an interview with "NBC," he said that that was how his parents brought him up and that he has a good heart. Usually, people who practice mitzvah do not expect anything in return, but the girl thought otherwise.

Instead of gifts for her birthday, Mikayla Gounard asked for donations for Sean Currey, the homeless man who found and returned her grandmother’s lost wallet. Posted by Touch Of Hope on Saturday, January 2, 2021

Since she was celebrating her 12th birthday, Gounard had planned to have a "drive-by" party following social distancing. The girl asked that the money to buy her presents be donated to a charity in her name.

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Gives back to the homeless man

Gounard had not thought of a charity to give her donations to. After she has learned about the good deed of the homeless man, she decided to give back. She placed Curry's photo alongside a collection basket with balloons and party favors on the day of her party.

She had raised several hundred dollars at the end of her processional. The next day, Gounard and her mom met up with Curry to give him what she had raised. What Gounard did had made the homeless man feel humbled.

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Curry was at a loss for words because he felt blessed by the heartwarming gesture that the little girl showed him. The 12-year-old girl chose to help a person in need because she felt it was the right thing to do.

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