Lemoore Dad Donates 35 Handmade Desks to Local Schools to Ease Virtual Learning

A Lemoore dad donates 35 handmade desks to local schools to ease virtual learning. It started when he shared a photo on social media about the desk he made for his children.

On September 3, Mitch Couch posted a photo on his Instagram about the wooden desk that he made for his children. He wanted to share with the public that what he did was not only an easy task, but it was also an inexpensive way to help his children with online schooling.

The photo had gone viral

A week ago, the woodworker dad shared on Reddit a photo of his project that had quickly gone viral. He added a caption that said he made 35 desks for the students in his community who are distance learning in their own homes.

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(Photo : Instagram/goodlyearth)

He explained by saying that he understands that many of the little ones are doing distance learning at home. He shared that their two kids are making it a hassle for them at the kitchen table during meal times because they are taking up space.

So he decided to make their little desks. He said that the cool thing about the desks he made was that the children could fold them away after use. That way, they take up less space.

Desk instruction posted on his Etsy page

Finally, he shared a link to his page about the homemade desk. He wrote that parents could check out his Etsy page if they want to try making their desks for their kids. He sells the instructions for 99 cents. Then, he shared that he made his children's desks at around $35.

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Soon after his post, local business owners sent him messages asking him if he could make some desks then donate them to local schools. He added an Instagram post saying that he did not think twice about helping the students out.


His wife helps him with the whole thing

Couch shared that initially, people who contacted him asked for 25 desks. However, since he found that more is needed, he and his wife made 35. He proudly shared that his wife helped him with the whole thing. Couch's wife even surprised him by making four desks that she made while he was at work.

Couch explained to Scary Mommy that he is still finishing the batch of desks. He said that he still has eight more desks to do, which will be finished by the next day. He also said that the demand for the desks is very high. The helpful dad said that he could make a hundred of them, but it would still not be enough

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He shouted out Lemoore Grocery Outlet for their generosity to get the project started. He is thankful for the donated materials and for helping them to set up the placement of desks. Apart from that, it was great to work with them, Couch added.

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