12-Year-Old Girl Transforms Home, Unleashing Skill She Never Knew She Had

A 12-year-old girl transforms their home, unleashing a skill she never knew she had. By spending only about $150, Bea turned their family home into a stylish paradise.

A master of home improvement, Susie Levache of Kent, England, never knew her daughter had the same talent as hers. She only found that out due to the coronavirus pandemic, after giving her daughter a job at home during her free time.

Gave daughter a job to stop her from complaining

Bea had been complaining about boredom since the lockdown happened. Levache decided to give her a task so she could make the best use of her time at home. She told Bored Panda that she had asked her daughter to measure up a wall for her to teach her a lesson.

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The daughter inherited her mom's skills

Levache showed her daughter how to use the workbench and a handsaw, and in no time, Bea had completed the paneling in her office alone. As it turned out, Bea had inherited her mother's eye for style and proving herself a natural around tools.

For the past ten months, Levache has been steadily renovating their house. She figured they could do various projects to keep their afternoons worthwhile. Bea, together with her older brother Ted, revamped the stairs by adding gorgeous black paneling.

Then, Bea has made their utility room into a beauty and organization haven. At first, she was worried about making mistakes, but she went to paint the town red when her mom reassured her that they got a lot of time fixing anything that could go wrong.

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Levache shared that her daughter now uses handsaw, electric drill, spirit level, sander, and tile cutter confidently. She also said that Bea now goes at stenciling and shared that her daughter's next project is her brother's room. Using some carpentry skills, Bea would be renovating Ted's room.

Spent up to only about $150 for the upgrades

The teenage girl worked her magic in many rooms over the next ten days. She also upgraded their terrace with her mom's supervision. Since they already have a stash of paint, tools, and old furniture at home, the trio only spent about $100 to $150 on extra items.

Levache was happy with the results, but she was even thrilled by Bea's transformation. She explained she always had her creative side as a child, and her daughter did not think she had the skills before the lockdown.

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She is hoping that by helping Bea out, she could give her the confidence to believe that she could do what her mom does. Levache believes that there is still so much to change in their house, but once she and her daughter have done all the upgrades, it will look good.

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